Georgia Bulldogs Mock 2017 Recruiting Class

    With National Signing Day looming, here's a look at a mock 2017 recruiting class for the Georgia Bulldogs. Kirby Smart will look to finish off his first full recruiting cycle in Athens.

    January 19, 2017

    With National Signing Day looming, here’s a look at a mock 2017 recruiting class for the Georgia Bulldogs. Kirby Smart will look to finish off his first full recruiting cycle in Athens. 

    If you thought Kirby Smart put together a great class in limited time during the 2016 recruiting cycle, take a look at what the head coach of the Bulldogs currently has brewing in Athens.

    He’s had a full year to build the program according to his vision, and part of that means bringing in 5-star quarterback Jake Fromm, who will take the reins from Jacob Eason at some point. And while UGA is stacking up wide receivers, too, it’s also building a highly-touted defense.

    With that said, here is a look at a mock Georgia Bulldogs recruiting class as the 2017 cycle nears its end.


    Jake Fromm, 5-Star

    The heir apparent to Jacob Eason. He’s smart. He’s a leader. He can make all the throws.

    Running Back

    D’Andre Swift, 4-Star

    Swift explodes through holes and meets defenders with a lot of power. He runs like he’s been carrying a ball since the day he was born.

    Wide Receiver

    Jeremiah Holloman, 4-Star

    Holloman is an all-around threat at wide receiver. He’ll go over the top. He’ll snag the ball in traffic. Defensive coordinators will plan for him.

    Trey Blount, 4-Star

    A solid blocker that will help the UGA halfbacks. And he can stretch the field vertically.

    Mark Webb, 4-Star

    He beats the press easily and has reliable hands. Webb is a guy you want to target on third down.

    Matt Landers, 3-Star

    Throw the ball up and tell him to go get it. At 6-foot-5, 192 pounds, he’s a red zone weapon.

    Tight End


    Offensive Linemen

    Isaiah Wilson, 4-Star

    He’s a great drive blocker with quick feet.

    Andrew Thomas, 4-Star

    Thomas has great footwork and is excellent in pass protection.

    D’antne Demery, 4-Star

    Demery’s long arms are aided by a powerful initial punch.

    Netori Johnson, 4-Star

    He’s big, tough and powerful in the trenches.

    Justin Shaffer, 4-Star

    Nasty and powerful in the running game.

    D’Marcus Hayes, 4-Star

    Hayes is a tough, powerful offensive tackle who could make the switch to guard.

    Defensive Linemen

    Robert Beal, 4-Star

    He’s an athletic, intense defensive end with a gift for rushing the passer.

    Malik Herring, 4-Star

    Herring brings backside pursuit and can knock offensive tackles on their backsides.

    Devonte Wyatt, 4-Star

    Florida is trying to flip him from UGA, but that’s a tough task.

    Markaviest Bryant, 4-Star

    It looks like Georgia will beat out Auburn for the talented defensive end.


    Walter Grant, 4-Star

    He’s probably the most athletic out of all these linebackers in Georgia’s class, and he could evolve into a pure edge rusher.

    Jaden Hunter, 4-Star

    Hunter is very agile and can hit hard when he gets to the ball. He’ll hurt a few ball carriers.

    Nate McBride, 4-Star

    He’s a disciplined linebacker who eats up tailbacks.

    Monty Rice, 4-Star

    This is going to be the “hitman” of this group of linebackers. The kid can get to the quarterback and will bring the pain when he lowers his shoulder.

    Leonard Warner, 4-Star

    Georgia is the favorite over Florida State and Stanford.

    Defensive Backs

    William Poole III, 4-Star

    He shows great awareness in coverage and has the ball skills to match.

    Richard LeCounte, 4-Star

    LeCounte is an ideal defensive back and has a future at safety. He’s tough mentally and physically, and he will represent Georgia well.

    Eric Stokes, 4-Star

    Florida just hosted him for an official visit, but the Bulldogs are ahead of the rest for his pledge. Ole Miss will get a visit on Jan. 27, too.


    DeAngelo Gibbs, 5-Star

    There’s a solid chance we see him get the ball on offense and play defense in Athens. He’s a special athlete.

    Tray Bishop, 4-Star

    Bishop’s future is in the secondary. He closes in on routes quickly.

    Georgia Bulldogs Recruiting Class Ranking Prediction: 3-5

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