Final Regular Season College Football Rankings, No. 1-128

    The college football rankings are now all about who the best teams really are. Alabama is still the best of the bunch as the cream is rising to the top.

    December 6, 2015

    Final FBS college football rankings of the 2015 regular season.

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    The rankings based on the seasons each team had will come out soon. For now, these are based on how good the teams are – for the most part – taking into account head-to-head matchups where needed.

    Top 25 College Football Rankings

    1. Alabama (12-1)

    The run defense and ground game are better than just about anything else anyone in college football can do. Those two parts of the equation alone make this the best team – and make up for a slew of other issues.

    2. Oklahoma (11-1)

    The loss to Texas doesn’t look so awful now, and even wins over Akron and Tulsa aren’t too bad considering they’re going bowling. Closing out with road wins at Baylor and Oklahoma State and TCU at home is as impressive as just about anything anyone else has done.

    3. Michigan State (12-1)

    Now the resume is phenomenal. Yeah, there were plenty of close calls, but that’s what Michigan State does. There isn’t a more clutch team over the last few years.

    4. Ohio State (11-1)

    It would’ve been a far different story in the playoff discussion if the Buckeyes had crushed and killed everything in their path before the Michigan State loss.

    5. Iowa (12-1)

    A reasonable case could be made that if Michigan State is one of the three best teams in the country, Iowa is No. 4. It certainly did nothing against Michigan State to be punished for.

    6. Clemson (13-0)

    NO, this is not being contrarian or trying to be weird – this isn’t the No. 1 team in college football, and it’s probably not even one of the top five. The Tigers struggled way too much with a North Carolina team that beat NO ONE, and got pushed by South Carolina and Syracuse. Are they going to be exposed in the CFP? Win two more games, and nothing else matters.

    7. Oregon (9-3)

    Even with the Oregon State fight, this is still the best team in the Pac-12 to close out the season. It would’ve been interesting to have seen what could’ve happened if Vernon Adams was 100% all year.

    8. Stanford (11-2)

    The Cardinal did it. USC was a dangerous team coming in playing well, and Stanford got the job done to win the Pac-12 championship. If only it had answered the wake-up call against Northwestern to start things out.

    9. Notre Dame (10-2)

    Two losses: The ACC champion and the Pac-12 champion, and each could’ve easily have gone the other way. It’s a shame the Irish were never really healthy.

    10. Ole Miss (9-3)

    After all the flakiness and all the inconsistencies, the Rebels are finishing up as No. 2 in the SEC. Considering they beat the No. 1 team, that’s not a bad year by any measure.

    11. TCU (10-2)

    There but for a missed two-point conversion against Oklahoma went the playoff hopes. The Horned Frogs were achingly close to being where they thought they were supposed to be last year.

    12. Baylor (9-3)

    Let’s just assume there will be an actual quarterback again by the start of the bowl world. First a weird weather game against TCU that could’ve gone either way, and then the nightmare of having to use a receiver under center against Texas. If you’re that good, though, you overcome the problems at home against a bad Texas team

    13. Michigan (9-3)

    In hindsight, it really is amazing. Michigan was one bobbled punt snap away from changing up the entire college football landscape. If THAT doesn’t happen, Ohio State is in the playoff.

    14. Oklahoma State (10-2)

    Getting blown away by Oklahoma doesn’t mean anything now – the Cowboys are going to the Sugar Bowl. It’s not the playoff, but it’s an outstanding turnaround season.

    15. North Carolina (11-2)

    The Tar Heels still haven’t beaten anyone with a pulse. Yeah, they pushed Clemson, but shhhhhhhh. Clemson isn’t really that good.

    16. Northwestern (10-2)

    If we’re all starting to forgive teams for not winning anything in an aesthetically pleasing manner, then it’s time to give Northwestern credit for finding its way to 10-2.

    17. Florida State (10-2)

    This is probably too low. The wins over South Florida and Florida are better than anything North Carolina did.

    18. Mississippi State (8-4)

    Here’s the problem – there’s only one pretty good win, and it was in a 51-50 firefight against Arkansas. This was a good team, but not an elite one. Even so, Dak Prescott was worth the price of admission.

    19. Arkansas (7-5)

    This should be one of the most interesting bowl teams. Red hot over the second half of the season, this should be the IT team this offseason if it closes out with a flourish.

    20. Tennessee (8-4)

    Notre Dame is all whiny about being two plays away from being undefeated and No. 1. Tennessee is about five plays from that, losing to Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama and Arkansas by a combined total of 16 points.

    21. Wisconsin (9-3)

    You noticed how good Iowa was against Michigan State. Wisconsin was one less turnover against the Hawkeyes away from battling the Spartans for the Big Ten championship.

    22. LSU (8-3)

    It’s unbelievable how quickly this team fell off the map after just one loss at Alabama. Last year it got rolled in the bowl by Notre Dame. This time around, the Tigers need a good post-season.

    23. USC (8-5)

    On the one hand, Clay Helton got the team past all the drama and into the Pac-12 title game. On the other hand, playtime is over. The gig is his, so it’ll be win-or-bust going forward.

    24. UCLA (8-4)

    It could be argued that this is among the biggest underachievers over the last two years considering the talent level. Josh Rosen will be a superstar to build around for the next few years, though.

    25. Florida (10-3)

    The Gators are here on defense alone. The offense managed to get worse as the season went on, but playing Florida State and Alabama will make anyone look bad. Florida Atlantic, though …

    No. 26-128 College Football Rankings

    26. Houston (12-1)

    27. Texas A&M (8-4)

    28. Navy (9-2)

    29. Washington (6-6)

    30. Washington State (8-4)

    31. Memphis (9-3)

    32. West Virginia (7-5)

    33. Texas Tech (7-5)

    34. Bowling Green (10-3)

    35. Georgia (9-3)

    36. Utah (9-3)

    37. California (7-5)

    38. Arizona State (6-6)

    39. Arizona (6-6)

    40. Northern Illinois (8-5)

    41. Western Michigan (7-5)

    42. Toledo (9-2)

    43. South Florida (8-4)

    44. Temple (10-3)

    45. Auburn (6-6)

    46. Penn State (7-5)

    47. Nebraska (5-7)

    48. Cincinnati (7-5)

    49. Miami (8-4)

    50. Pitt (8-4)

    51. Louisville (7-5)

    52. Minnesota (5-7)

    53. Illinois (5-7)

    54. San Diego State (10-3)

    55. Vanderbilt (4-8)

    56. Kentucky (5-7)

    57. Missouri (5-7)

    58. BYU (9-3)

    59. Indiana (6-6)

    60. WKU (11-2)

    61. Marshall (9-3)

    62. Southern Miss (9-4)

    63. Louisiana Tech (8-4)

    64. Texas (5-7)

    65. Kansas State (6-6)

    66. Virginia Tech (6-6)

    67. Central Michigan (7-5)

    68. NC State (7-5)

    69. Virginia (4-8)

    70. Connecticut (6-6)

    71. Duke (7-5)

    72. New Mexico (7-5)

    73. Air Force (8-5)

    74. Iowa State (3-9)

    75. Georgia Tech (3-9)

    76. Purdue (2-10)

    77. Colorado State (7-5)

    78. Nevada (6-6)

    79. Middle Tennessee (7-5)

    80. Tulsa (6-6)

    81. Utah State (6-6)

    82. Boise State (8-4)

    83. Arkansas State (9-3)

    84. Appalachian State (10-2)

    85. Georgia Southern (8-4)

    86. Syracuse (4-8)

    87. Maryland (3-9)

    88. Rutgers (4-8)

    89. Wake Forest (3-9)

    90. East Carolina (5-7)

    91. Boston College (3-9)

    92. Colorado (4-8)

    93. South Carolina (3-9)

    94. Oregon State (2-10)

    95. San Jose State (5-7)

    96. Wyoming (2-10)

    97. UNLV (3-9)

    98. Fresno State (3-9)

    99. Akron (7-5)

    100. Buffalo (5-7)

    101. Ohio (8-4)

    102. FIU (5-7)

    103. South Alabama (5-7)

    104. Kent State (3-9)

    105. Old Dominion (5-7)

    106. Kansas (0-12)

    107. Hawaii (3-10)

    108. UTEP (5-7)

    109. UTSA (3-9)

    110. Rice (5-7)

    111. Army West Point (2-9)

    112. Florida Atlantic (3-9)

    113. SMU (2-10)

    114. Tulane (3-9)

    115. Troy (4-8)

    116. Georgia State (6-6)

    117. Charlotte (2-10)

    118. Ball State (3-9)

    119. Miami University (3-9)

    120. Massachusetts (3-9)

    121. Louisiana-Lafayette (4-8)

    122. Idaho (4-8)

    123. UCF (0-12)

    124. Texas State (3-9)

    125. ULM (2-11)

    126. New Mexico State (3-9)

    127. North Texas (1-11)

    128. Eastern Michigan (1-11)


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