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    Is Deshaun Watson ready for the NFL next season? Will he leave early?

    January 28, 2016

    Today’s Ask Fiu topic … Is Deshaun Watson ready for the NFL after next season? Will he leave early?

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    Q: As a Clemson fan, what’s the best possible scenario so Clemson can be great again, and Deshaun Watson stays one extra year? – J.D.

    A: So, short of getting hurt, what has to happen for Clemson to be back in the national title picture and Deshaun Watson is really good, but he’s not SO good that he bolts early for the NFL, which he’s apparently already talking about?

    Again, assuming he’s not hurt and doesn’t regress, if he gets his degree like he’s on track to, there’s absolutely no reason for him to stay considering where his draft stock will probably be.

    Playing well against Alabama is always a draft-maker, but he was already considered the top quarterback prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft before the national title game. The problem for me is his lack of size and raw bulk, but the speed is incredible and his accuracy is good enough both on the move and in the pocket. However, he’s not thick like a Russell Wilson or a Cam Newton in terms of running – his college style isn’t going to work at the next level.

    The skills are there, the personality and make-up are impeccable, and he has the ability to grow into a dangerous NFL passer who runs, and not a runner who relies on taking off to make his game. If he bulks up a bit, the comp is potentially a less accurate Aaron Rodgers, but that means he has to had about ten pounds of good muscle.

    To your question, the hope is that Clemson is now enough of a factory where you just replace Watson with another sensational quarterback. It’s one thing if it’s a mid-range program with an elite prospect, and it’s another to be a superpower like Clemson and reload year after year. As a fan, you’ll take another season like 2015 – with a better final game finish, though – if that means you lose Watson early to the NFL.

    If he throws a ton of picks, but the team is able to overcome them in wins, then maybe he stays so he can work on his game a bit more. But Jameis Winston was an interception machine in 2014 and he turned out to be the No. 1 pick.

    The only other possibility would be if other quarterbacks rise up and shine. Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz, and even Jared Goff weren’t sure-thing first-rounders last year at this time, so if it becomes obvious that Watson would become a fourth quarterback taken – not likely, but this is the what-if scenario – then he might stick.

    Again, Tiger fans, hope Watson wins the Heisman, leads Clemson to another big year, and then is a top pro quarterback.

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