Derrick Brooks Proud Of Son Attending FSU

    Florida State legend Derrick Brooks opened up about his son's decision to attend his alma mater. DeCalon Brooks signed with Jimbo Fisher's Seminoles on National Signing Day.

    February 12, 2017

    Florida State legend Derrick Brooks opened up about his son’s decision to attend his alma mater. DeCalon Brooks signed with Jimbo Fisher’s Seminoles on National Signing Day.

    It’s a proud moment in a father’s life when he gets to watch his son follow in his footsteps, and that’s exactly the case for Derrick Brooks.

    Before he was a Hall of Fame linebacker and a legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Brooks was a star for Florida State. And he produced a lot of memorable moments for the Seminoles. But now, he’s getting ready for his son, DeCalon Brooks, to start his own legacy in Tallahassee.

    Derrick Brooks joined ESPN’s Rusillo and Kanell the day after National Signing Day to talk about DeCalon’s decision to sign with FSU.

    “Going through the process to me was kind of easy because I established very early on when DeCalon, my son, started getting recruited a couple years ago that you don’t need to be recruiting me. You need to be recruiting him. My job was just to make sure that all his questions got answered in an honest manner. For me, basically see through the BS,” the elder Brooks said. “I saw through some of that for him. I just educated him on it. He became a better recruit as I educated him through the process.”

    When DeCalon made up his mind and told his father he wanted to be a Seminole, Derrick made his son list three reasons why Florida State was the school for him. And while Derrick didn’t divulge what those three reasons were, he did make it clear that once his son made a commitment, that was it.

    The former FSU star wanted his son to honor his word and stay true to his commitment. He didn’t want DeCalon to bounce back and forth like many prospects do in the modern recruiting era.

    “I will tell you, it was tough to stay committed to that because other schools didn’t give up. But he held through, and [National Signing Day] was special, kind of seeing my son get an opportunity to pursue his dreams as a student-athlete, obviously, at Florida State,” Brooks said.

    Now, he’s looking forward to watching his son carve out his own path through Tallahassee. And the good part is DeCalon isn’t shying away from his his role as the son of a legend.

    “He has made his own footprints his whole life,” Brooks said. “He doesn’t walk away from ‘I am Derrick Brooks’ son, but on the other hand, my name is DeCalon Brooks, and I’m looking forward to making my own footprints.'”

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