Demarcus Robinson Opens Up On Drug Issues, Rehab At Florida

    Demarcus Robinson opened up on his drug suspensions and rehab while playing for the Florida Gators.

    February 25, 2016

    At the 2016 NFL Combine, Demarcus Robinson opened up on his drug suspensions, rehab and time with the Florida Gators.

    You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again and again … and once more. Every college football player has his own “path to the draft.”

    You have your first-round picks and then there are the guys pegged to go undrafted and play with chips on their shoulders. There’s one guy in this year’s draft who is the former, but is likely a second-day pick because of character issues.

    Demarcus Robinson, or “Honey Thunder” as he’s known on social media and among his former Gators teammates, had an up-and-down college career with Florida.

    Aesthetically, he’s built like an NFL wide receiver at 6-foot-1, 203 lbs. But if you ask those who packed “The Swamp” every Saturday for the last three years, they’ll tell you Robinson comes with a lot of baggage.

    But if you want to know what kind of player and person your favorite NFL team is considering spending a valuable draft pick on, why not hear the story straight from the horse- uh, straight from the Gator’s mouth?

    Robinson opened up on his past troubles at the NFL Combine. He acknowledged three drug-related suspensions and being in a “45-day recovery program,” which led to him being “tested twice per week my sophomore year and tested twice per month my junior year.”

    He even addressed the fourth and final suspension of his college career before the Florida State game last season, which Florida labeled as a violation of team rules.

    “I had a marketing lady that wanted to meet with me at the end of my time at Florida,” he said. “She offered me something I never had been offered before. So I was willing to take that to help my mom out. … It wasn’t the Florida State week, it was the week before.”

    So, why now? Sure, Robinson could have divulged everything in the interviews with the NFL executives and coaches, but he chose to open up to the media, too.

    “I know I had to come out and tell the truth at some time,” Robinson said. “I can tell the truth because (the drug problems) haven’t happened since my freshman year.”

    If the childish shenanigans and drug problems are truly behind him, Robinson could evolve into a solid professional and an elite wide receiver. At least, that’s how he sees himself.

    “I consider myself a first-round talent,” he said. “I know I’ve had some problems, but I want people to know I’ve changed.”

    Right now, Robinson is projected to go as early as the third round and as late as the sixth round. It’s a wide range, but that’s because teams know what they’d be getting in Robinson as a football player, but they’re worried about what they’d be signing on for with Robinson as a person.

    If the former Gator has legitimately gotten his act together, he’s going to make one team very, very happy it used a late-round pick to snatch him up. 


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