College Football News Roundup – December 29

    A college football news roundup that includes a USC player saying the Trojans would take down Alabama if game was played now and Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze goes off the deep end.

    December 29, 2016

    A college football news roundup that includes one USC player saying the Trojans would take down Alabama if game was played now, and Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze going off the deep end.

    The last days of the year are ticking down, so everyone will begin making their resolutions and saying that this is the year they will keep it. Mine include exercising more and eating healthier while also brushing up on my Deutsch so that I can finally complete all five stages on Rosetta Stone. I will let you know how I am doing throughout the months to come.

    In college football news, Penn State has suspended two players for the Rose Bowl, we spoke with WWE stars Big E and Titus O’Neil about the Outback Bowl, and we also took a look at how the time spent at Alabama changed Lane Kiffin. Here are some other newsworthy notes in the latest college football news roundup.

    Really, Man? – Alabama started off this season by demolishing USC 52-6. The Trojans rebounded and made the Rose Bowl after a 9-3 season, and wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster thinks the game with the Crimson Tide would turn out differently if it were played now.

    “I wish we had the team that we had now at the beginning of the season to play against Alabama,” Smith-Schuster said before admitting he thinks the Trojans would win that game now.

    Keep dreaming big.

    Another Playoff? – I’m not sure what this would accomplish – it would basically become the football version of the NIT – but the Group of 5 schools are thinking of creating their own playoff. Not since BYU in 1984 has a team outside of the Power Five won a national championship, so many athletic directors, including Northern Illinois’ Sean Frazier are for the idea.

    “It’s time to have a realistic conversation about creating a playoff for the Group of 5,” Frazier said. “Why not?”

    Does the winner of that playoff get to play the winner of the CFP? That would be intriguing.

    What the H-E-L-L? – Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze is a deeply religious man. We all know that. One look at his Twitter feed shows as much. However, he might have gone a little far when talking to Chevin Calloway, an Ole Miss recruit, about the NCAA violations that have hit the Rebels program over the last year.

    “Well, Coach Freeze told me when you’re that big and out there with faith in Christ, he’s like, ‘What do you expect? Jesus got nailed to the cross.'”

    Wait……WHAT??? Are you being serious here? I’m looking forward to what part of the Bible Freeze compares his team missing a bowl game to.

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