College Athletes Should Take A Page From Craig Sager

    College athletes should take a page from Craig Sager's book and embrace their individuality.

    December 16, 2016

    In wake of Sager’s passing following a public battle with cancer, it felt prudent to find the silver lining. Sager was the very embodiment of individuality and self expression. His snazzy suits and one-of-a-kind look provided an instant uniqueness that separated him from his colleagues on the sideline.

    Sager complimented his style with sublime substance that earned the respect of the players and coaches he interviewed throughout his career. He was so comfortable in his own skin that a fearlessness to be himself became a trait that would define him. That very trait is so incredibly applicable to the college athlete in today’s world.

    Be yourself.

    Embrace individuality.

    Just as Craig Sager did in his 65 years of life.

    Be Nigel Hayes. A young man unafraid to voice his opinions of what it’s like to be the exploited student athlete, or call for action from his administration to stand up against racial injustice.

    Be Josh Rosen. The young man who was unafraid to share his thoughts on subjects varying from the president elect to CTE. Rosen elaborated on this proudly stating, “I am not going to be fake, I will not be a robot”. Don’t be, Rosen … dare to be different, just like Sager.

    Hell, take it to your wardrobe to express yourself. That’s truly vintage Sager. Like DJ Wilson and his short shorts, his Cali Swag. Or Jalen Moore with his afro at Utah State.

    Whatever you do, young guns, be yourselves and be different. There is no question that’s how Craig Sager would have wanted it.


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