Chase Edmonds Excited For Ram-Crusader Cup In Yankee Stadium

    Chase Edmonds is excited for the upcoming Ram-Crusader Cup in Yankee Stadium. The Fordham running back believes "it’s a great opportunity" for his team to prove itself.

    November 10, 2016

    Chase Edmonds is excited for the upcoming Ram-Crusader Cup in Yankee Stadium. The Fordham running back believes “it’s a great opportunity” for his team to prove itself.

    One thing is abundantly clear within the first 30 seconds of speaking with Fordham running back Chase Edmonds: he is a natural-born leader. His passion, excitement and mood are all magnetic. Even in casual discussion, he leaves you energized.

    When previewing his team’s upcoming game against Holy Cross, a contest that will be held at Yankee Stadium, Edmonds kept circling around two themes: fun and atmosphere.

    On playing in an unconventional venue:

    “It’s a great opportunity. It’ll be so much fun just to get all the fans out and have a great atmosphere. I’m really excited that the game will be streamed on twitter, so all my family and friends back home can watch it too.”

    On what fans can expect:

    “Last year was a great atmosphere. It was a shootout game and a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to it and staying focused that we can come out with a win.”

    On Fordham’s tight-knit locker room:

    “Having those people that you’re close to and can lean on makes this season so much more fun.”

    Edmonds is a walking embodiment of the tropes we tend to gloss over in modern sports – for love of the game, giving the fans their money’s worth, enjoying being in the moment, etc. Except Edmonds is no cliche. He’s genuine. A welcome reminder of why we love sports, of just how enjoyable it can be watching a person perform a task he or she loves.

    And while the deluge of motivational quotes that cling to sports can often seem trite, when a record-setting running back rips one off with a smile plastered to his face and the exhilaration of a man who just main-lined a cortadito, it’s impossible not to buy in.

    “Just stay on task. I have this quote my old running back coach Tim Zetts told me. After my freshman year he told me, ‘Don’t forget what got you to the top of the mountain.’ I’m always hungry and always working hard to be the best player I can be.”

    Saturday’s game between Fordham and Holy Cross will, in fact, be fun. There will, most certainly, be a great atmosphere inside of Yankee Stadium. Look no further than No. 22 set up in the Rams’ backfield as proof. His energy is contagious not only to his team, but to everyone in his orbit.

    Fordham vs. Holy Cross can be viewed online on Campus Insiders and Twitter.

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