Cardale Jones To Start vs. Western Michigan? SHOCKING.

    Cardale Jones was named the Ohio State starter vs. Western Michigan this Saturday. America, you can exhale - for this week.

    September 24, 2015

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    OH MY GOD!!! I don’t mean to alarm you, but CARDALE JONES – the starting quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes – IS GOING TO START … AGAIN!!!


    How much longer can we be expected to be held hostage by the Ohio State quarterback situation? How much more must we as a people endure before our nation’s No. 1 college football team – actually, No. 2 behind Ole Miss – can finally allow us to exhale and let us go on with our lives?

    Seriously, Pope Francis, in your address to Congress, right after your views on the literal global meltdown, but before your thoughts on the Syrian refugee tragedy, you must once and for all heal a divided planet by finally declaring an official papal stance on how Urban Meyer should use J.T. Barrett.

    One red shoe for Jones, two for Barrett.

    It’s as if the sports world hasn’t gone hard enough on the stupid sauce with Deflategate and feels the need to shotgun back another 12-ouncer by worrying about which guy is going to technically be the starter when Ohio State wins another game.

    The Buckeye quarterback situation really did matter back in August, mainly because we’ve never really seen anything like it before and the choice was going to dictate which way the Buckeyes were going to go. But now, three games in, we know exactly how this is going to play out.

    Cardale Jones is going to start, mainly because Urban Meyer is sort of a smart guy and he knows exactly what the payoff could be.

    Jones needs the reps, and with a few more games under his belt and a lot more seasoning, the potential is there to be the No. 1 overall draft pick and the type of quarterback who could destroy a TCU or an Alabama or an Oklahoma by – potentially – being the best player on the field. If the Buckeyes need a different running look under center, they can stick Braxton Miller there for a few plays. If they want to throw in another curveball, they can play Barrett.

    Against Western Michigan, Cardale will start, and he’ll be great, and Ohio State will win by a bazillion, and then Barrett will come in. Or Cardale will start, he’ll stink, and Barrett will come in. Or Urban will keep rotating quarterbacks because he can.

    Like everyone else, Meyer knows his team is going to be 10-0 going into the Michigan State game – he has to.

    He knows that Jones could handle himself in the playoff spotlight, but he also knows that these preseason scrimmages only matter in terms of how the team is going to develop for just two months from now.

    If the Buckeyes go back to the national championship, they’ll have played 30 games in 15 months – it’s all about the long haul, and because Bret Bielema is right, there’s no real worry about getting tagged by a loss. And better yet, even if Ohio State does lose along the way, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not to Michigan State.

    Go ahead, Buckeyes, and drop a game to Maryland or get whomped this weekend by Western Michigan. It doesn’t matter.

    Go ahead, stink it up against Rutgers. Putter against Penn State. Be ill vs. Illinois. Beat Michigan State, go 11-1, beat Wisconsin, or whatever other sacrificial lamb is offered up in the Big Ten championship, and then it’s playoff time.

    Or let your defense and running game lead you to 13-0 as you roll through this regular season trying to pretend there’s some semblance of drama.

    It’s Western Michigan. You’re going to win no matter what.

    Start Barrett. Start Jones. Start Braxton Miller. Start Rex Kern, who at 66 could step in with this team and get a win.

    Start Stanley Jackson and Joe Germaine. Start Kirk Herbstreit. Start Joe Bauserman.

    Start Art Schlichter. He’s got time, and he can probably get you tickets.

    It really, really, really doesn’t matter right now who the Ohio State starting quarterback is.

    For now, everyone, relax – it’s going to be exhausting if we have to do this until January.

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