Campus Insiders’ 2017 Tournament Of Uniforms: The Sweet 16

    We put the best of the best uniforms in college sports head-to-head in the first ever Campus Insiders uniform tournament.

    March 23, 2017

    We put the best of the best uniforms in college sports head-to-head in the first ever Campus Insiders uniform tournament.

    It only felt appropriate to release the results of our Sweet 16 on the same day that the actual Sweet 16 begins in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. I’m not sure about you guys, but having to survive the past three days without any tournament games on TV was excruciating. But all is well now that we’re just a few hours away from tip-off.

    Our Round of 32 turned in some interesting results, just as our first round did. And while many people may not agree with how each matchup plays out, that’s what makes this stuff funSomeone has to win, and someone has to lose. I’d expect that our Sweet 16 winners and losers will yield some strong opinions in both directions, and I look forward to hearing those.

    Let’s rumble.

    Football Region

    No. 9 Clemson vs. No. 12 Pittsburgh

    Courtesy: Mark Rebilas, Charles LeClaire – USA Today Sports

    We really have some legit colors flying here, don’t we? Clemson enters the Sweet 16 after barely mustering up enough of an effort to knock off LSU in the last round in what was one of the most competitive matchups of the tournament. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has absolutely steamrolled it’s way through the first two rounds to reach this point. And guess what? Nothing has changed in that department.

    Voting Results: Pittsburgh wins, 4-0

    No. 3 Florida vs. No. 7 Miami

    Courtesy: Kim Klement, Jasen Vinlove – USA Today Sports

    Much like the previously mentioned Pitt Panthers, both of these two Florida teams cruised to a victory in the Round of 32. That should not have come as much of a surprise to anyone as these are, without question, two of the best uniforms in college football. The only question that we have is which one will claim the bragging rights as the best-dressed team in the state?

    Voting Results: Miami wins, 3-2

    Baseball Region

    No. 5 Oklahoma State vs. No. 8 Mississippi State

    Courtesy: @OSUBaseball, @HailStateBB

    Each of our combatants here needed a seventh game to finally close out their opponent in the last round. The Cowboys come in here having to feel pretty good about their chances given their strong performance thus far. They really came together in the last round and showed some resiliency to come out alive.

    Mississippi State owned a similar mindset. Their new adidas Heritage pinstriped uniforms are a phenomenal look that I would love to see them keep wearing in the future. They can’t let the results of this matchup, one that needed my tie-breaking vote, destroy their confidence.

    Voting Results: Oklahoma State wins, 3-2

    No. 2 Arizona State vs. No. 11 Pepperdine

    Courtesy: @ASU_Baseball, @PeppBaseball

    Here is another instance of two teams just dominating their competition through the first two rounds. The Sun Devils swept their in-state rivals from Tucson 7-0, while Pepperdine knocked off Washington State 6-1. Extremely impressive performances turned in by both sides here. But what happens when two freight trains collide head-to-head?

    Voting Results: Arizona State wins, 3-1

    Basketball Region

    No. 1 Duke vs. No. 5 Illinois

    Courtesy: Bob Donnan, Mike Granse – USA Today Sports

    Here’s a 2004 regional semifinal rematch. The Blue Devils knocked off Louisville by a final of 4-3 in the last round, while Illinois eliminated Arizona by the same count. What we’re left with are two sensational uniforms. Both maintain somewhat of a classic look to them while also not looking out of date. This time, unlike in 2004, the Fighting Illini will keep on fighting.

    Voting Results: Illinois wins, 4-0

    No. 3 Villanova vs. No. 7 UCLA

    Courtesy: Bill Streicher, Stephen R. Sylvanie – USA Today Sports

    Villanova has to get some satisfaction knowing that they did reach the Sweet 16 in some capacity. It just goes to show how difficult it really is to repeat as champions in sports. And let’s face it, their uniforms have the potential to go all the way in this tournament. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, so too do those of UCLA.

    Voting Results: UCLA wins, 3-1

    Hockey Region

    No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 5 Notre Dame

    Courtesy: @OhioState_MHKY, @NDHockey

    This right here is quite possibly the best matchup we’ve seen so far in the Hockey region. Both teams wear a strong lid, and both have sweaters that even the teams’ biggest haters would have to admit look good. And guess what? Both teams made the Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament. It’s been a good week in Columbus and South Bend, but unfortunately for one of these two teams, the run in this tournament is ovah.

    Voting Results: Notre Dame wins, 4-0

    No. 6 Union vs. No. 10 North Dakota

    Courtesy: @Unionmhockey, @UNDmhockey

    Both participants in this match squeaked out of the second round with 4-3 victories. And much like the previously discussed matchup between the Buckeyes and Fighting Irish, Union and North Dakota find themselves as part of the sixteen-team NCAA Tournament. I personally really like the North Dakota sweaters and color scheme. Green and black, especially that particular green, go great together. It’s possible, however, that our voters don’t feel the same.

    Voting Results: Union wins, 3-1

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