Campus Insiders’ 2017 Tournament Of Uniforms: Football And Baseball

    We put the best of the best uniforms in college sports head-to-head in the first ever Campus Insiders uniform tournament. Well, March Madness has now

    March 22, 2017

    We put the best of the best uniforms in college sports head-to-head in the first ever Campus Insiders uniform tournament.

    Well, March Madness has now reached it’s usual level of absurdity with teams like Villanova, Duke, and Louisville all getting bounced in the second round. After the relatively anticlimactic first round in which there really weren’t any major upsets, I think we all kind of knew things would hit the fan sooner or later, and they did.

    Our own tournament of uniforms, on the other hand, went a bit haywire right from the get-go. In the Football Region alone we saw four first round upsets, with No. 15 Army topping No. 2 Ohio State being the most shocking. Things down in the Baseball Region were much more in line with what was expected, as there was just one upset (Pepperdine over LSU) in the entire region.

    Today, we are unveiling who will be advancing to our own Sweet 16 from the Football and Baseball Regions. This should be good.

    Football Region

    No. 1 LSU vs. No. 9 Clemson

    Courtesy: Derick Hingle, Mark Rebilas – USA Today Sports

    Both of these uniforms turned in a decent performance in the first round, as each won by a score of 5 votes to 3. I, for one, was happy about those results because of the fact that it meant we would get this rather epic showdown in just our second round of voting. These are two of the more recognizable uniforms in the sport, and while we know that one has to pack their bags and get out, it doesn’t make it any easier to see them eliminated so early.

    Voting Results: Clemson wins, 4-3

    No. 12 Pittsburgh vs. No. 13 Stanford

    Courtesy: Charles LeClaire, Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports

    Here we have two of the major upset winners from Round 1. On the one hand, we’ve got Pittsburgh who pulled off a surprising win over the legendary Michigan uniform in the first round. On the other hand lies Stanford, the big winner in a 6-2 decision over the No. 4 Gamecocks of South Carolina. Both uniforms entered the Round of 32 riding high and feeling good about their chances at making the Sweet 16, but as we all know, only one can advance. This one wasn’t even close.

    Voting Results: Pittsburgh wins, 6-1

    No. 3 Florida vs. No. 11 Colorado

    Courtesy: Kim Klement, Soobum Im – USA Today Sports

    Both of these teams were sweatin’ a little bit in the first round, with Florida maybe even needing a change of pants when it was all said and done with. The Gators walked away with a nail-biting 5-4 victory over Air Force, while the Buffaloes took down Iowa 5-3 in another upset. The Pac-12 turned in a nice performance in our first round going 2-1, but that luck seems to have run out. Either that, or we have a sizable University of Florida bias in this office …

    Voting Results: Florida wins, 6-1

    No. 7 Miami (FL) vs. No. 15 Army

    Courtesy: Jasen Vinlove, Tommy Gilligan – USA Today Sports

    If there is one team in the Football Region that I might have pegged as a “sleeper” in this tournament, it would be Miami. There’s nothing incredible about their new home uniform, but it really sticks out doesn’t it? Something about that orange just radiates off those jerseys, leaving you walking away saying “Damn, I like that.”

    That’s not to take anything away from Army, because let’s face it: they deserve to be in this tournament and have shown us some great effort thus far by wiping Ohio State off the map last round. Unfortunately for them, it looks like we’ll see an all-Florida Sweet 16 matchup.

    Voting Results: Miami wins, 5-2

    Baseball Region

    No. 1 Florida State vs. No. 8 Mississippi State

    Courtesy: Florida State Athletics, @HailStateBB

    It was a tale of two different forms of victory in the first round for these two competitors. The Seminoles steamrolled their way to a 6-0 win over Southern Illinois, while the Bulldogs required my intervention to get them a 4-3 W. The tides have turned this time around, however, as MSU won’t be needing anymore assistance.

    Voting Results: Mississippi State wins, 4-3

    No. 4 Oregon State vs. No. 5 Oklahoma State

    Courtesy: @BeaverBaseball, @OSUBaseball

    After initially putting this entire bracket together, I noticed that this was a possible second round matchup and got pretty excited. You want to talk about an even match, here we’ve got two teams that wear orange and black, AND they can both be abbreviated as “OSU.” I mean, those are some serious equalizers right there.

    But, and there’s always a “but,” the fact that the Cowboys came in wearing that nice orange pullover with a baseball bat being used as an underline put them one step ahead. Unless the Beavers have an incredible right-hook that they’re keeping secret, we have ourselves a KO.

    Voting Results: Oklahoma State wins, 4-3

    No. 3 Washington State vs. No. 11 Pepperdine

    Courtesy: @Cougbaseball, @PeppBaseball

    Washington State needed some help to get by its first round match against the Hokies of Virginia Tech. Ultimately, I gave them the winning vote because we already had one orange pullover advancing to this round. No such help will be headed your way this time though, Cougars. Pepperdine and their vintage Astros look could not be stopped despite the efforts of (this is a guess) our very own Robert Judin, who made it clear in Round 1 that he was not a fan of the Waves’ attempt at a Houston throwback – or throwbacks in general.

    Voting Results: Pepperdine wins, 6-1

    No. 2 Arizona State vs. No. 7 Arizona

    Courtesy: @ASU_Baseball, @ArizonaBaseball

    Ohhhhh yeahhhhh. We’ve got ourselves an official desert battle, folks. What should we name the trophy? The “Zona Cup”? “Cactus Bowl”? “Don’t Get Bit By A Rattlesnake Trophy”? I’ll let you people decide that one. We here in the CI labs have enough on our plates trying to pick actual winners in this soon to be … wait for it … legendary tournament. In the end though, this wasn’t a competition.

    Voting Results: Arizona State wins, 7-0

    Updated Uniform Tournament Bracket

    MORE UNIFORM TOURNEY: Results From Round 1 – Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey


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