Campus Insiders’ 2017 Tournament Of Uniforms: Elite Eight

    We put the best of the best uniforms in college sports head-to-head in the first ever Campus Insiders uniform tournament.

    March 27, 2017

    We put the best of the best uniforms in college sports head-to-head in the first ever Campus Insiders uniform tournament.

    Finally, it’s time to determine which uniforms will advance to the Final Four in this exclusive tournament. But before we get into that, I think I need to mention the fact that it is currently blue skies and in the mid-70s here in Chicago. It’s weather like this that brings me back to the good ole days of a year ago when our CI world headquarters used to have a luxurious rooftop patio area that overlooked the entire city of Chicago. We would grill out, play some bags, and maybe even pop a few cold ones after hours. Yep, those were the days.

    Now back to what we’re all here for: Today we will reveal which uniforms have won their respective regions and earned the right to duke it out in the Final Four. I know that I’m really looking forward to seeing football go up against baseball, and basketball against hockey. And I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t have a sense of who might walk away victorious when all is said and done, but I won’t get into any of that. What fun would that be?

    It’s showtime.

    Football Region

    No. 7 Miami (FL) vs. No. 12 Pittsburgh

    Courtesy: Jasen Vinlove, Charles LeClaire – USA Today Sports

    So this is what the Football Region has come down to: Miami against Pitt. Orange and green taking on blue and yellow. Both of these teams are more than worthy of representing their sport in the Final Four. It really all comes down to whether our voters found Miami’s vibrant colors more appealing than Pittsburgh’s classic, throwback look. I know which way I’d vote if I had a vote, but this match did not require my assistance. Therefore, the results are final.

    Voting Results: Pittsburgh wins, 4-0

    Baseball Region

    No. 2 Arizona State vs. No. 5 Oklahoma State

    Courtesy: @ASU_Baseball, @OSUBaseball

    The Cowboys were forced to tag me into the ring to get them a win in the Sweet 16, as they defeated Mississippi State by a 4-3 final. (*Side note: I hate typing out “Mississippi.” It takes too long and requires way too much thinking. Given that it was the twentieth state admitted into the Union, couldn’t they have just named it Twenty? Or better yet, 20?) Arizona State took a different route to get here, as they took care of Pepperdine rather handedly, much like all the other teams they’ve defeated. But now, one of these two freight trains needs to derail.

    Voting Results: Arizona State wins, 3-1

    Basketball Region

    No. 5 Illinois vs. No. 7 UCLA

    Courtesy: Mike Granse, Stephen R. Sylvanie – USA Today Sports

    The Fighting Illini knocked off Duke in the Sweet 16 with a sweep, and I’ll admit that I was caught a bit off-guard by that result. That’s not to take anything away from Illinois, but Duke is Duke, and they always seem to win a lot more than they lose. Then we’ve got UCLA, who took down Villanova 3-1 to reach this point. I have no arguments with that outcome. And quite honestly, as this tournament has progressed I’ve come to the realization that UCLA was significantly under-seeded. In fact, this match came down to my tie-breaking vote, and I voted for the lower seed.

    Voting Results: UCLA wins, 3-2

    Hockey Region

    No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 6 Union

    Courtesy: @NDHockey, @Unionmhockey

    Both sides come into this Elite Eight showdown with some big momentum. The Irish knocked off the top-seeded Ohio State Buckeyes in the Sweet 16, while Union took care of business against the lower-seeded Fighting Hawks of North Dakota. Ultimately, and despite Union’s stellar performance thus far in the tournament, Notre Dame’s spectacular helmets are just too much to overcome.

    Voting Results: Notre Dame wins, 3-1

    Updated Uniform Tournament Bracket


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