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    Debating Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning, and whose resume is better if Carolina wins the Super Bowl.

    January 26, 2016

    Today’s Ask Fiu topic … Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning, and the better resume.

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    Q: Here is the argument. Before the Super Bowl happens, would you rather take the entirety of Peyton Manning’s career, or Cam Newton’s, and this includes the future? I say if Carolina wins that Cam is the better all-time quarterback for college and pro, and I can’t get anyone to agree with me. Would Cam be the better QB with a win? – C.D.

    A: At first thought, of course Cam Newton wouldn’t be considered the better all-time quarterback than Peyton Manning if Carolina wins the Super Bowl. Manning has the numbers, the longevity, the five MVPs, and the consistent greatness that puts him at an iconic level that Newton isn’t close to yet – but is where he plans on being.

    But …

    You might not be far off in terms of high-level accomplishments.

    Here’s how you frame this: with a Carolina win, would you rather have Cam Newton’s resume or Peyton Manning’s, throwing in the unfinished part of it.

    There’s a chance Manning comes back for another year, but it’s doubtful that he’s going to be any better and/or playing in the Super Bowl if he returns. Of course, Newton is just getting started and should have ten more good years left in his game – as long as those big hits don’t start to accumulate and he changes his game a bit.

    Manning – all-time numbers, one Super Bowl, four Super Bowl appearances. After the Super Bowl he’ll have thrown for over 72,000 yards with 539 touchdown passes. As a collegian, he was an all-timer of a talent for four years, but he only won one SEC championship and his Tennessee team was destroyed by Scott Frost’s Nebraska in the Orange Bowl that had national title implications.

    And, of course, he didn’t win the Heisman.

    Cam has a Heisman, and an SEC championship, and a national title. Obviously he doesn’t have the passing numbers, but the rushing stats in his short career are at a whole other level – over 3,200 yards and 43 touchdowns – to go along with record-setting numbers in the first part of his career.

    So, even if Cam’s career ended after a Super Bowl win over Denver, would it be more accomplished than Manning’s? At the very, very top of the resume, yeah.

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