Bill Self Sends Necessary Message To Brannen Greene With Public Reprimand

    Bill Self publicly ripped Brannen Greene for his late-game dunk against Kansas State, and it was warranted.

    February 5, 2016

    Bill Self publicly ripped Brannen Greene for his late-game dunk against Kansas State, and it was warranted.

    The pitchforks came out almost immediately in Kansas.

    Just minutes after KU completed a 77-59 beating of Kansas State, Jayhawks head coach Bill Self went on the Kansas postgame radio show and ripped junior guard Brannen Greene for throwing in a dunk as the buzzer sounded and the rest of the players on the floor started their postgame handshake ritual.

    Self didn’t hold back.

    “Brannen Greene, we’ve put up with him doing some stuff in the past, but that was probably the biggest dick move I’ve ever had a player do during a game,” Self said on the postgame show, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. “To dunk the ball like that when the other team… even their players are going, ‘How disrespectful to the game.’”

    Self then went into the postgame press conference and apologized to Kansas State, the Wildcats’ program and the players. He said it was “totally classless” and promised it would never happen again.

    Keep in mind that this is the same Brannen Greene who has already served a suspension this season for what Self said was “conduct detrimental to the team.” In other words, Greene was already on thin ice, and Self clearly wasn’t excited to have to address his troublesome guard again.

    The whole situation can be looked at one of two ways. One view says that Self should have handled the situation internally, making Greene run some extra sprints in practice or tearing him up in a locker room to try to get his point across. Self should have done anything to make the punishment clear without humiliating Greene in public.

    The other view says that Self should have done just what he did.

    Twitter lit up after Self’s comments, ripping the coach for calling out his player in such a harsh fashion. That faction said Self was the one showing a lack of class, a father-figure who shouldn’t have been so judgmental in a public forum about his player. They said it wasn’t handled properly and that Greene deserved some sympathy for being embarrassed about making a mistake.

    Self has protected Greene plenty already this year. Greene’s late-game dunk was exactly what Self described it as—classless—and Greene should know that by now.

    He wasn’t playing his first basketball game. He knows the etiquette when a team is clearly running out the clock. Greene has been around the game for a long time and should know better than to act like a child because he sees an opening.

    Did the dunk matter to the game? No. Then why bother outside of wanting to put yourself ahead of the team?

    That suspension back in November, by the way, came because Greene was worried about himself over the team. His own father told the Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World at the time that Greene was upset over playing time and mouthed off to Self on the sideline during the Kansas-Michigan State game, an issue that later spilled over to the locker room.

    Self did his best to protect Greene back then, but his family didn’t cooperate. Who’s fault is that?

    Greene doesn’t deserve to be protected from harsh criticism from his coach because it’s clear he isn’t learning the lessons Self is teaching.

    There’s a time to keep things private. There’s a time to go out of your way to make sure someone else isn’t embarrassed or doesn’t face too much public scrutiny for a mistake. A misstep in practice is much different than something on national television.

    Greene’s immaturity was on full display as the buzzer sounded, and Self sent a very clear message that Greene’s actions were not what his program is about. Greene’s defenders can howl all they want, but it might be better for them to focus on the bad attitude and disrespect for the K-State players he showed.

    Self wasn’t classless. He was teaching class in having class. Greene best enroll.

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