Big Ten Championship: Michigan State Stretches By Iowa

    Big Ten Championship: Michigan State beats Iowa in a classic

    December 6, 2015

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    1. Ugly? This?

    If you’re a purist, you loved this game, but if you are a fan of all the pinball-type scores being thrown around in this era of college football, then forget about grass, this was like watching field-turf grow. But it was a classic and it says nothing about how good either of these teams are, and everything about heart, desire and heartache.

    Yeah there was a lack of offense, and yeah it felt a lot like a slogging soccer match at times, but this was about pride, guts, and perseverance. It was a Donnybrook within a steel-cage match, and it was a beautiful, classic of a game. It would have been a classic if played in the Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa, so don’t start to throw the bad football arguments out at me. Good physical football is a drink of fresh, cold water in the desert of finesse no matter where it’s played.

    2. Sparty’s Domination in the Trenches 2.0

    Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before in Columbus, Ohio. Iowa didn’t control the game, but it was right there in the lead and within striking distance of winning this thing and swashbuckling off to the College Football Playoff.

    But … the Spartans got into its gameplan and began to wear down an Iowa defensive front. It didn’t happen at first, but blow by blow by blow the physical nature of the Spartan lines started to take its toll on this game of attrition.

    Late in the game when it was on the line, you knew it, Mark Dantonio knew it, and Kirk Ferentz likely knew it. Iowa was going to die a slow death as the Spartans used its offensive line to gain four and five yards at a time, bleed the clock and win with one final push. Iowa was too dogged and beleaguered to do anything about it, and now Michigan State is off to the College Football Playoff.

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