Best College Football Uniforms Week 13 – Rivalry Edition

    The best college football uniforms for Week 13 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week's rankings look at some of college football's best rivalries.

    November 24, 2016

    The best college football uniforms for Week 13 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week’s rankings look at some of college football’s best rivalries.

    Well, we’ve made it to the final week of college football’s regular season for most FBS programs. It’s been a fun year up to this point, with hopefully the best yet to come. And with this week being Rivalry Week, we should be in for at least a handful of good games. Speaking of Rivalry Week, this week’s uniform rankings are going to be a bit different.

    I’ve done thorough research here within the walls of the Campus Insiders headquarters and have also tapped into my opinionated brain to determine the three best rivalry matchups for this upcoming weekend. I based these rivalries mostly off of historical significance, meaning I looked for rivalries that are always heated regardless of team records. I’ll look at the uniforms to be worn by both teams in each game and determine a uniform winner. This should be fun, so let’s get at it.

    Best Uniforms For Week 13

    NOTE: A thread count grading system is used to evaluate all uniforms. It was developed with proprietary technology in the Campus Insiders fashion lab, and ranges from 1-1,000.

    Florida-Florida State

    Christopher Hanewinckel / Melina Vastola - USA TODAY Sports
    Christopher Hanewinckel / Melina Vastola – USA TODAY Sports

    This is, without question, one of the best rivalries in college football. And it helps that both teams are usually very good. Florida currently holds the edge in this one with an all-time record of 34-24-2 against the Seminoles, but Florida State is riding a three-game winning streak over the Gators heading into this weekend’s showdown.

    As for the uniforms, Florida has one of the best uniform sets in the land. They catch your eye regardless of the combo that they’re wearing, and have made very limited alterations to their look over the years. The specific shades of orange and blue that they wear fit perfectly together. I love the fact that they have stuck with the script “Gators” on their helmets; a unique design given most schools’ tendencies to try and look as modern as possible with new and sometimes weird logos. It is unclear as to which pants the Gators will wear this week, although I hope they go with orange.

    Florida State switched up their appearance a little bit heading into the 2014 season when they changed their font and added new detail to their jersey collar and sleeves for both their home and away sets. And I’ve got to be honest, I really like the “new” look. The pattern used around the collar and on the sleeves is fantastic. Their old uniforms weren’t necessarily bad or broken, but these updates form two years ago were, and still are, a welcomed sight to my eyes. My one knock is the type of font on the jerseys. It’s not my favorite.

    So, after much deliberation, I am giving the edge to Florida.

    Thread Counts: Florida – 850, Florida State – 810


    Matt Bush / Derick E. Hingle - USA TODAY Sports
    Matt Bush / Derick E. Hingle – USA TODAY Sports

    It doesn’t matter what college you went to, or are a fan of, this rivalry matters. College football is different in the state of Alabama. It’s a way of life. Regardless of where this game is played or how good the two teams are, it’s always a beyond-electric atmosphere in the stands.

    Auburn, like Florida, rocks the orange and blue, only in different shades. Auburn’s navy is good, but the Tigers’ orange is spectacular, especially on their helmet. The Tigers own one of football’s best lids in large part because of their orange. The all-white road look is nice, but one of these days I’d like to see Auburn come out wearing white jerseys with navy blue pants.

    Alabama’s uniforms are classic. Their helmets, featuring white numbers on the sides and no logo, keep it simple. The jerseys are also extremely simple: all crimson with white fonts. It’s a signature look that doesn’t need messing with. Nike does a nice job here.

    I don’t want to spark a war down in Alabama, but…

    Thread Count: Auburn – 840, Alabama – 800

    Michigan-Ohio State

    Reese Strickland / Greg Bartram - USA TODAY Sports
    Reese Strickland / Greg Bartram – USA TODAY Sports

    If the game’s greatest rivalry isn’t Auburn-Alabama, then it’s this one: Michigan-Ohio State. The history between these two storied programs dates back to the 1800s and has featured some of college football’s biggest legends. There is absolutely zero love lost between the two teams or their fan bases. Given Michigan’s resurgence as one of college football’s top teams this season, this game should be another classic. It’s No. 2 (Ohio State) vs. No. 3 (Michigan) – doesn’t get much better than that.

    The Wolverines are in their first season wearing their all-new Jumpman uniforms, and I’ve got to say that I like these much more than I did their previous adidas sets. Both their home and away looks are about as clean as it gets, with their home combination of the maize and blue being one of college football’s best. They’ll be donning the all-white look this week, however, which is not a bad thing. Oh, and they’re helmets are arguably the best in football.

    On the other side of the ball we’ve got the Buckeyes with yet another timeless look. The grey/silver domes with the red, white and black stripes and the Buckeyes leaf stickers is the definition of perfection. They don’t need any logo on their helmets for people to know which team they’re looking at. The jerseys themselves, again, are near perfection. But let me make this clear, I’m talking about their primary home, scarlet jerseys. That red just pops off the green field, and when combined with the grey pants with vertical stripes to match their helmets, we’re talking about one of the best football uniforms in all of football, both collegiate and professional. To me, there is a clear winner here, but both uniforms are better than any of the previous four.

    Thread Count: Ohio State – 950, Michigan – 900

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