Best College Football Uniforms – Week 12

    The best college football uniforms for Week 12 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week's list contains a second version of an alternate uniform worn earlier this season.

    November 18, 2016

    The best college football uniforms for Week 12 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week’s list contains a second version of an alternate uniform worn earlier this season.

    Week 12. Now if my math is correct, which is always in question, that means most FBS football teams only have one regular season game left after this weekend. I still cannot believe it. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that all of the season previews and predictions were being written and discussed? No? Well then just go with me on this one to make me feel like I’m not alone.

    Given that we’ve only got about one week left with a full college football schedule, most alternate and “new” uniforms have already been worn. And there were some really good ones, but now we’re left with an overwhelming majority of primary uniforms. Due to those circumstances, there were some slim-pickings for our rankings this week. That being said, there’s no reason why these rankings can’t be as entertaining as the others. Let’s go.

    Best Uniforms For Week 12

    NOTE: A thread count grading system is used to evaluate all uniforms. It was developed with proprietary technology in the Campus Insiders fashion lab, and ranges from 1-1,000.


    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call the “Creamsicle” look. You’ve got white up top, white on the bottom, and that flavorful orange plastered right in the middle. It’s not the most exciting look you’ll ever see, but things could be a whole lot worse (what’s up, Iowa State). I’m not much of a fan when it comes to those all-white lids with just the orange “S” on the sides. They’re a bit too boring. The jerseys, however, are not bad. They’re made by Nike, which is a plus, and they are rather basic with a little flare on the sleeves. I also tend like orange jerseys for some reason, and these happen to be orange.

    Thread Count: 650


    I’ve actually been wanting to sneak this uniform into my rankings for quite a while now. I just never got around to it until now, and they still look just as good! So, moral of the story here: better late than never.

    What you might immediately notice about this uniform is the helmet. Look familiar? It’s the same design that Michigan uses, only these are in orange and black. While I don’t like seeing anyone other than Michigan using that look (sorry, Delaware), I’ll admit that these aren’t so bad. The rest of the uniform is pretty great.

    Nike: ✓
    All black: ✓
    Shoulder stripes: ✓
    Orange included: ✓

    Thread Count: 720


    Okay, here’s a really cool concept. The helmet stripes contain the names and numbers of every senior on the team. I’m not sure there is a better way to pay tribute to those guys. I’d have to believe each senior will get to keep his helmet after this game rather than having to turn it back in to the equipment staff. The fact that the helmets look really good is just a bonus.

    Thread Count: 800


    We already saw Oklahoma’s home Rough Rider uniform this season, and now we’re getting their road version. And I’ve got to say, I like these a lot better.

    There’s a really cool looking dark pattern laid out within the red stripe on their white helmet, and the black facemasks create an intimidating look pressed up against the white dome. The jersey collar, numbers, letters and sleeves are the Oklahoma crimson color on top of the white jersey. It’s a color combination that I’m a big fan of. If you look close at the collar and sleeves of the jersey, you’ll notice that same dark pattern that we see see on the helmet stripe. I normally don’t talk much about pants, but I like what Oklahoma’s got here. The crimson with the white stripes running down the outsides is a top notch look.

    Thread Count: 855


    In what was, without question, the biggest news of the week in the fashion industry, Georgia announced that they will be wearing their black alternate jerseys for the first time since 2008. All I’ve got to say is: It’s about damn time! Unfortunately for all of us, neither the team or school have revealed any official images of the uniform to be worn this Saturday, so all we’re left with is what you see above. And what you see there is a fine looking jersey. I just wish we knew if it would be accompanied by black pants and/or a black helmet.

    Thread Count: 910

    In Other News…

    If you haven’t heard yet, my co-worker Brian Stultz is dealing with a fractured heel and has been in what he says is “pain worse than giving birth.” I wouldn’t know because I’ve never dealt with either situation (I can’t speak for him). But, to brighten his spirits I thought I’d mention that his alma mater’s head coach, Gus Malzahn, is no longer undefeated while wearing an Auburn hat/cap instead of his old visor. The Tigers lost to Georgia last weekend putting an end to that historic run. They were good times while they lasted though, right Brian?

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