Best College Football Uniforms – Week 10

    The best college football uniforms for Week 10 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week's lineup features a mix of a little bit of everything.

    November 3, 2016

    The best college football uniforms for Week 10 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week’s lineup features a mix of a little bit of everything.

    On a non-football related note, THE CUBS ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!! My voice: gone. My throat and neck: sore, very sore. My mood: 100. That’s where I’m at today following the best night of my life where I watched my favorite team do the impossible. It is going to be an incredible next few days in Chicago, needless to say.

    Back to football though. It’s Week 10 now, which means the temperature outside is steadily on the decline, Halloween is *finally* out of the way, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For this week’s rankings, we’re going to try something a little different. There were lots of options to choose from with regards to uniforms, so I’m going to make a little hodgepodge here.

    I hope you enjoy this. And if you don’t, well, pretend like you did. Let’s go.

    Best Uniforms For Week 10

    NOTE: A thread count grading system is used to evaluate all uniforms. It was developed with proprietary technology in the Campus Insiders fashion lab, and ranges from 1-1,000.


    The Blue Devils are breaking out these new “Battleship Grey” helmets for this Saturday’s game as part of their 75 year Rose Bowl Anniversary celebration. The helmet features an old school Blue Devil logo, which I like, but it looks a bit too much like a high school logo. Duke will be going with a pretty decent all-black uniform to compliment the helmet.

    Thread Count: 650


    As part of the military appreciation theme in college football this weekend (Veteran’s day is November 11), the Bearcats have gone straight swag. I mean, just look at those cleats! Those babies are legit. The rest of the uniform is so-so, with the helmet being the best of the rest.

    Thread Count: 700


    I’ve always thought Clemson owns one of the better uniform sets in the land of college football, and this week the Tigers are helping prove my point. I love their orange and white tops, and these purple ones are the perfect alternate look for this team. My one knock is the helmet. I’d like to see the Tigers one day design an alternate helmet to go with the alternate uniform. The orange lid on top of an all purple kit just looks a bit out of place, kinda like me at a fancy restaurant.

    Thread Count: 730


    Louisville will be honoring all POWs and soldiers who have been declared MIA with this weekend’s threads. They’re going with a matte-black helmet with the white Cardinal logo, followed by an all-black uniform. The jersey features stars along right shoulder, and what looks like the resemblance of a waving American flag on the left, along with cardinal wings on the sleeves. Some pretty cool features, thanks to adidas.

    Thread Count: 735

    Mississippi State

    Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. These look a lot like Louisville’s uniforms, right? Well, that was done intentionally. Both programs wear adidas, who decided to create this uniform design to honor POWs and men who went MIA, as previously mentioned. Mississippi State was the favorite child here, however. I like the stripes on the right shoulder of these jerseys, which Louisville does not have on theirs. And, MSU has their jersey numbers on at least the right shoulder as well. So while the two uniforms are strikingly similar, the Aggies come out on top.

    Thread Count: 740


    I believe I have professed my love for Colorado’s uniforms at least once before, and here we are again. Nothing new about these threads. They just look good. The gold on the black and vice versa is such a great look, and they are made by Nike. I love the collar on these jerseys with Nike’s signature stripes, and the helmets just pop sitting atop the players’ heads. Whatever you do, Colorado, do not change a thing about these beauties.

    Thread Count: 810

    Ohio State

    I wrote an article about these uniforms specifically the other day that you can check out here. These are awesome. By far one of the better throwbacks we’ve seen this year from any team. A cool feature about these lays on the helmets. The lids have an almost grainy textural look to them that is meant to resemble “cannonball dust,” going back to the Civil War. No logo was necessary for these lids to look good. As I mention in my article about these unis, the vertical stripes on the jersey might catch you off-guard at first, but just give it some time and you’ll start to like them. Trust me.

    Thread Count: 880

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