A’Shawn Robinson At Combine: Shaved Head, Beard Not For Intimidation

    A'Shawn Robinson was asked at the NFL Combine if he shaved is head and grew a beard for intimidation.

    February 27, 2016

    While taking part in the NFL Combine, former Alabama defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson was asked by the media if the reason he shaved his head and grew out his beard was for intimidation purposes.

    Becuase, while Robinson is a respected young man and projected first round pick in the NFL draft, his appearance gives off an aura of toughness and grit that will make any opposing defensive lineman begin to sweat.

    In response to the question, Robinson comically replied, “It wasn’t an intimidation thing. I was going bald.” 

    That great quote only further proves Robinson’s likeability and charisma, despite how intimidating his physical appearance and dominating play on the field may be.

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