Alabama vs. Florida Prediction Roundtable – What’s Going To Happen

    Alabama vs. Florida prediction roundtable with the Campus Insiders staff. Breaking down what will happen in the SEC Championship Game between the Crimson Tide and Gators.

    December 2, 2016

    Alabama vs. Florida prediction roundtable with the Campus Insiders staff. Breaking down what will happen in the SEC Championship Game between the Crimson Tide and Gators.

    Jeff Bartl

    Let’s be honest: this is the most worthless game of the entire championship weekend. If Alabama loses, it’ll be because the players don’t care – much like the rest of the world – and it’ll still be in the College Football Playoff. Florida would then play in a major bowl game and get smoked by a team that does care.

    None of that will happen, though. The Crimson Tide are going to have their starters on the bench by the middle of the third quarter. The Gators have a decent defense and all, but that won’t matter much in this one.

    Jonathan Bass

    I can’t help but feel like all the “Florida can play tough” storylines that have been disseminated over the past few days are little more than contrarian viewpoints and attempts to keep casual fans engaged.

    The only way I see Florida having any chance is by forcing Jalen Hurts into some turnovers (of which he can be prone), capitalizing with seven points (not three) and then hoping for an Adam Griffith miss or two (he’s the one weak link for Bama). It’s possible, but only in the Dumb and Dumber “so you’re saying there’s a chance” sense.

    Florida’s offense is so disgustingly bad that even when the defense holds up its side of the bargain it’s to no avail. For proof, look no further than the four-play sequence late in the game against FSU. Jalen Tabor recovered a Deondre Francois fumble and then three plays later (at 3rd-and-17, no less) Austin Appleby coughed the ball up, giving it back to the Noles.

    Alabama takes this one handily.

    Glenn McGraw

    Alabama wins easily. Florida will make a few important defensive stands, and the Gators will provide some empty hope for the fans, but in the end the Crimson Tide impose their will and win by at least three scores. Florida’s predictable offense will be able to do little-to-nothing against the Tide’s No. 1-ranked defense. Austin Appleby will complete fewer than 10 passes – if he even makes it through the game – and the Gators will be held to under 150 yards of total offense.

    Alabama is playing in a completely different stratosphere, and if Florida State can do what it did to Florida, imagine what the Tide will do.

    In the post-game, McElwain will appear happier than he should after a second consecutive season late-season collapse against both Alabama and FSU.

    Brian Stultz

    Alabama dominates Florida so badly that Jim McElwain will refuse to return to the Sunshine State, have movers pick up all of his stuff, and take the open head coaching position at a high school in Wyoming where he will mold young boys into men by not only coaching football, but teaching them the ways of the farm.

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