Alabama Football Recruiting: January Visits, Prospects To Watch

    Alabama football recruiting January visits and names to watch leading up to National Signing Day.

    January 16, 2016

    Alabama football recruiting visits and names to watch leading up to National Signing Day.

    At this point, it may be safe to assume there is nothing Nick Saban cannot do. He’s won five national championships — four of them with the Crimson Tide.

    He’s sent numerous players to the NFL and is getting ready to reel in another star-studded batch of recruits to Tuscaloosa, Ala.

    Alabama is currently sitting at No. 8 in the 247Sports Composite team rankings, but the Crimson Tide are in play for more than enough top recruits to make another hard run at the top spot.

    Obviously, having won another national championship, Saban’s job in swaying recruits has gotten even easier. All he has to do is wear all five of his rings while talking to prospects.

    Having said that, let’s take a look at who Saban will be welcoming to Tuscaloosa ahead of National Signing Day. Below are the January visits scheduled for Alabama.

    Note: 247Sports Composite ratings and rankings used in this article.

    Friday, Jan. 15

  1. Nick Eubanks: 3-star, No. 14 TE, No. 366 Overall (Uncommitted)
  2. Keith Gavin: 4-star, No. 22 WR, No. 122 Overall (Uncommitted)
  3. Kendell Jones: 4-star, No. 10 DT, No. 73 (Alabama commit)
  4. Mykel Jones: 4-star, No. 42 WR, No. 212 Overall (Uncommitted)
  5. Jack Jones: 4-star, No. 3 CB, No. 44 Overall (Uncommitted)
  6. Amir Rasul: 4-star, No. 7 RB, No. 239 Overall (Florida State commit)
  7. Trevon Diggs: 4-star, No. 6 ATH, No. 111 Overall (Alabama commit)
  8. Drake Davis: 4-star, No. 13 WR, No. 93 Overall (LSU commit)
  9. Brendan Scales: 3-star, No. 15 TE, No. 376 Overall (Alabama commit)
  10. Quinnen Williams: 4-star, No. 25 DT, No. 242 Overall (Alabama commit)
  11. Vosean Joseph: 3-star, No. 47 OLB, No. 738 Overall (Florida commit)
  12. Jared Mayden: 4-star, No. 10 CB, No. 128 Overall (Uncommitted)
  13. Sci Martin: 3-star, No. 43 WDE, No. 654 Overall (TCU commit)
  14. A.J. Brown: 4-star, No. 5 WR, No. 57 Overall (Uncommitted)
  15. Baveon Johnson: 4-star, No. 1 OC, No. 38 Overall (Florida State commit)
  16. Demetris Robertson: 5-star, No. 2 ATH, No. 24 Overall (Uncommitted)

  17. Thursday, Jan. 21

  18. Tyler Vaughns: 4-star, No. 1 WR, No. 30 Overall (USC commit)

  19. Friday, Jan. 22

  20. D’Vaughn Pennamon: 3-star, No. 10 APB, No. 353 Overall (Ole Miss commit)
  21. Dontavious Jackson: 4-star, No. 5 ILB, No. 122 Overall (Uncommitted)
  22. Jonathan Kongbo: 4-star, No. 1 SDE, No. 1 Overall JUCO (Uncommitted)
  23. Devin White: 4-star, No. 5 ATH, No. 94 Overall (LSU commit)
  24. Jaleel Laguins: 4-star, No. 10 ILB, No. 222 Overall (Georgia commit)
  25. Nigel Warrior: 4-star, No. 4 S, No. 64 Overall (Uncommitted)
  26. Jeffrey McCulloch: 4-star, No. 7 OLB, No. 73 Overall (Uncommitted)
  27. Terrell Hall: 4-star, No. 5 WDE, No. 77 Overall (Uncommitted)
  28. Ahmmon Richards: 4-star, No. 30 WR, No. 164 Overall (Uncommitted)
  29. Mique Juarez: 5-star, No. 2 OLB, No. 16 Overall (Uncommitted)
  30. Jeffery Simmons: 4-star, No. 3 SDE, No. 36 Overall (Uncommitted)
  31. Shyheim Carter: 4-star, No. 5 CB, No. 53 Overall (Uncommitted)
  32. Kobe Jones: 4-star, No. 31 DT, No. 296 Overall (Uncommitted)
  33. Landon Dickerson: 4-star, No. 7 OT, No. 49 Overall (Uncommitted)
  34. Tyler Simmons: 3-star, No. 63 WR, No. 375 Overall (Alabama commit)
  35. Tramonda Moore: 4-star, No. 17 OT, No. 162 Overall (Uncommitted)
  36. Lyndell Wilson: 5-star, No. 1 OLB, No. 13 Overall (Uncommitted)
  37. Jamar King: 3-star, No. 11 SDE, No. 153 Overall JUCO (Uncommitted)
  38. Korey Banks: 3-star, No. 119 WR, No. 795 Overall (UNC commit)

  39. Wednesday, Jan. 27

  40. Michail Carter: 4-star, No. 16 DT, No. 144 Overall (Uncommitted)

  41. Friday, Jan. 29

  42. Ben Davis: 5-star, No. 1 ILB, No. 12 Overall (Uncommitted)
  43. Raekwon Davis: 4-star, No. 12 DT, No. 87 Overall (Alabama commit)
  44. John Simpson: 4-star, No. 9 OG, No. 180 Overall (Uncommitted)
  45. De’jon Harris: 3-star, No. 29 ILB, No. 721 Overall (Arkansas commit)
  46. Robert Washington: 3-star, No. 43 RB, No. 673 Overall (Uncommitted)

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