Alabama Crimson Tide All-Time NFL Draft Team

    Who were the best former Alabama Crimson Tide stars in the history of the NFL draft? Who were the best Alabama draft picks for the teams that drafted them?

    March 24, 2016

    Who were the best former Alabama Crimson Tide stars in the history of the NFL draft?

    Shockingly, coming up with the Alabama Crimson Tide’s All-Time NFL Draft Team was far, far tougher than it might seem.

    Here are the ground rules …

    1) A player needed to have played most of his career – and have done most of his notable things – for the NFL team that drafted him.

    Longevity is a big deal, especially if he was a steady starter for the team that drafted him.

    There are some liberties taken for some of the younger players, assuming they’ll keep on producing at a high level.

    Even so, considering this is one of college football’s cornerstone programs, and with Nick Saban cranking up a recruiting factory over the last decade, Alabama stars, for the most part, have been miserable pros.

    The linemen are the most stunning – there aren’t any. The defensive linemen to choose from just weren’t there, and the offensive linemen – especially at tackle – were awful, outside of one considerable exception.

    On the plus side, there were plenty of quarterbacks who did big things, starting with Broadway Joe, Ken Stabler, and even Richard Todd. An argument could be made for Bart Starr, considering his longevity and value.

    Linebacker was the other strong position, but a call had to be made on one of the best, Cornelius Bennett. He was drafted by Indianapolis, couldn’t get signed, and got traded, but he’ll make the list because he started his career with Buffalo in the three-way deal.

    Alabama All-Time Draft Team Offense

    QB –
    Joe Namath, 1965, New York Jets, 1st round, 1st pick overall

    RB –
    Shaun Alexander, 2000, Seattle, 1st round, 19th pick overall

    RB –
    Tony Nathan, 1979, Miami, 3rd round, 61st pick overall

    WR –
    Don Hutson, 1935, Undrafted, picked up by Green Bay

    WR –
    Julio Jones, 2011, Atlanta, 1st round, 6th pick overall

    TE –
    Ozzie Newsome, 1978, Cleveland, 1st round, 23rd pick overall

    OL –
    John Hannah, 1973, New England, 1st round, 4th pick overall

    OL –
    Steve Mott, 1983, Detroit, 5th round, 121st pick overall

    OL –
    Chris Samuels, 2000, Washington, 1st round, 3rd pick overall

    OL –
    Andre Smith, 2009, Cincinnati, 1st round, 6th pick overall

    OL –
    Dwight Stephenson, 1980, Miami, 2nd round 48th pick overall

    Alabama All-Time Draft Team Defense

    DL – Bob Baumhower, 1977, Miami, 2nd round, 40th pick overall

    DL –
    Marcell Dareus, 2011, Buffalo, 1st round 3rd pick overall

    DL –
    Jon Hand, 1986, Indianapolis, 1st round, 4th pick overall

    DL –
    Marty Lyons, 1979, New York Jets, 1st round, 14th pick overall

    LB –
    Cornelius Bennett, 1987, Indianapolis*, 1st round, 2nd pick overall

    LB –
    Lee Roy Jordan, 1963, Dallas, 1st round, 6th pick overall

    LB –
    Derrick Thomas, 1989, Kansas City, 1st round, 4th pick overall

    DB –
    Fernando Bryant, 1999, Jacksonville, 1st round, 26th pick overall

    DB –
    Roman Harper, 2006, New Orleans, 2nd round, 43rd pick overall

    DB –
    Kareem Jackson, 2010, Houston, 1st round 20th pick overall

    DB –
    Mike Washington, 1975, Baltimore, 3rd round, 53rd pick overall

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