2016 Under Armour All-America Game: Rosters, Coaches

    Under Armour All-American Game rosters and coaches for the 2016 high school showcase.

    December 28, 2015

    Under Armour All-America Game rosters for the 2016 high school showcase.

    The 2016 Under Armour All-America Game will once again feature a star-studded list of recruits ready to show off the talent they’ll bring to college football for the next several years.

    Team Highlight and Team Armour will take the field on Saturday, Jan. 2 at the Orlando Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla. Team Highlight will be coached by Herm Edwards, while Steve Mariucci will lead Team Armour. The game will be nationally televised on ESPN2 and also made available via online live stream.

    But who exactly will be suiting up for the 2016 chapter of the Under Armour All-America Game? Below is a full list of every recruit playing, categorized by stars, along with where each is currently committed.

    Note: ESPN rankings and star ratings used in this article.

    5-Star Recruits

    Rashan Gary – No. 1 DT (Uncommitted)
    Gregory Little – No. 1 OT (Ole Miss)
    Nick Bosa – No. 1 DE (Ohio State)
    Edward Oliver – No. 2 DT (Houston)
    Willie Allen – No. 2 OT (Uncommitted)
    Levonta Taylor – No. 1 CB (Florida State)
    Rashard Lawrence – No. 3 DT (Uncommitted)
    McTelvin Agim – No. 2 DE (Arkansas)
    Benito Jones – No. 5 DT (Ole Miss)
    Lyndell Wilson – No. 1 OLB (Uncommitted)

    4-Star Recruits

    Shane Simmons – No. 3 DE (Penn State)
    Edwin Alexander – No. 7 DT (LSU)
    Oluwole Betiku – No. 4 DE (USC)
    Shavar Manuel – No. 8 DT (Uncommitted)
    Dwayne Haskins Jr – No. 3 Pro-Style QB (Maryland)
    Malik Henry – No. 2 Dual-Threat QB (Florida State)
    Rahshaun Smith – No. 2 OLB (Uncommitted)
    Brandon Jones – No. 1 S (Uncommitted)
    Kyle Davis – No. 1 WR (Auburn)
    Kareem Walker – No. 1 HB (Michigan)
    Kaden Smith – No. 3 TE-Y (Stanford)
    Kristian Fulton – No. 3 CB (Uncommitted)
    Patrick Hudson – No. 1 OG (Baylor)
    Marlon Davidson – No. 5 DE (Auburn)
    Baveon Johnson – No. 1 OC (Florida State)
    Nigel Knott – No. 4 CB (Uncommitted)
    Shyheim Carter – No. 5 CB (Uncommitted)
    Deontay Anderson – No. 2 S (Uncommitted)
    Nate Craig-Myers – No. 2 WR (Uncommitted)
    Matt Fink – No. 3 Dual-Threat QB (USC)
    Savion Smith – No. 6 CB (LSU)
    Michael Divinity – No. 4 OLB (Uncommitted)
    E.J. Price – No. 4 OT (Uncommitted)
    Devwah Whaley – No. 3 HB (Uncommitted)
    Devin Duvernay – No. 3 WR (Baylor)
    Ben Davis – No. 5 OLB (Uncommitted)
    N’keal Harry – No. 4 WR (Arizona State)
    Michal Menet – No. 2 OG (Penn State)
    Michail Carter – No. 12 DT (Uncommitted)
    Ben Bredeson – No. 5 OT (Michigan)
    Tyrie Cleveland – No. 6 WR (Houston)
    Liam Eichenberg – No 6 OT (Notre Dame)
    B.J. Emmons – No. 5 HB (Alabama)
    Eric Monroe – No. 3 S (LSU)
    Jauan Williams – No. 7 OT (Uncommitted)
    Lokeni Toailoa – No. 1 ILB (UCLA)
    A.J. Brown – No. 7 WR (Uncommitted)
    Rahssan Thornton – No. 8 DE (LSU)
    Miles Sanders – No. 6 RB (Penn State)
    Sam Bruce – No. 9 WR (Miami)
    Antonneous Clayton – No. 10 DE (Florida)
    Drake Davis – No. 10 WR (Uncommitted)
    John Broussard – No. 7 CB (Auburn)
    Jack Allison – No. 5 Pro-Style QB (Miami)
    Keith Gavin – No. 11 WR (Uncommitted)
    Deonte Brown – No. 3 OG (Alabama)
    Woody Barrett – No. 4 Dual-Threat QB (Auburn)
    Keion Joyner – No. 7 OLB (Uncommitted)
    Jarrett Guarantano – No. 5 Dual-Threat QB (Tennessee)
    Marquill Osborne – No. 8 CB (Tennessee)
    Chris Owens – No. 4 OG (Alabama)
    Patrick Bethel – No. 13 DE (Miami)
    Josh Hammond – No. 12 WR (Florida)
    Jean Delance – No. 8 OT (Uncommitted)
    Kendell Jones – No. 13 DT (Alabama)
    Terrell Hall – No. 15 DE (Uncommitted)
    Jeffery McCulloch – No. 8 OLB (Uncommitted)
    Keandre Jones – No. 9 OLB (Maryland)
    Dredrick Snelson – No. 14 WR (Minnesota)
    Landon Dickerson – No. 9 OT (Uncommitted)
    Austin Myers – No. 10 OT (TCU)
    Dionte Mullins – No. 16 WR (Miami)
    Tyler Gerald – No. 5 OG (Ohio State)
    Eli Stove – No. 18 WR (Auburn)
    Tre’ Lamar – No. 3 ILB (Clemson)
    Terrance Davis – No. 7 OG (Uncommitted)
    Eric Cuffee – No. 10 CB (Uncommitted)
    Michael Eletise – No. 8 OG (Arizona)
    Chauncey Gardner – No. 5 S (Florida)
    Lamar Jackson – No. 7 ATH (Uncommitted)
    Ellison Jordan – No. 17 DT (Penn State)
    Dontavious Jackson – No. 7 ILB (Uncommitted)
    Brandon Burton – No. 8 S (Uncommitted)
    Richard Merritt – No. 11 OG (Maryland)
    Devin Bush Jr – No. 12 OLB (Michigan)
    Naseir Upshur – No. 6 TE-Y (Florida State)
    Jacob Mathis – No. 1 TE-H (Uncommitted)
    Eddie McDoom – No. 26 (Oregon)
    Landon Rice – No. 8 TE-Y (Auburn)
    Cohl Cabral – No. 2 OC (Arizona State)
    Cavin Ridley – No. 40 WR (Uncommitted)
    Aaron Hansford – No. 15 ATH (Uncommitted)
    Andre Anthony – No. 35 DE (LSU)
    Jayvaughn Myers – No. 22 ATH (Uncommitted)
    Tino Ellis – No. 70 WR (Maryland)

    3-Star Players

    Carlos Becker – No. 13 CB (Uncommitted)
    Tre Threat – No. 27 OLB (Auburn)
    Brett Heggie – No. 8 OC (Florida)
    Logan Tyler – No. 1 K (Florida State)
    Scooter Harrington – No. 19 TE-Y (Boston College)
    Boe Wilson – No. 10 OC (Nebraska)
    Braden Mann – No. 2 K (Texas A&M)
    Dominic Maggio – No. 3 K (Wake Forest)
    Ricky Aguayo – No. 5 K (Florida State)

    2-Star Players

    Turner Bernard – No. 1 LS (San Diego State)
    Ben Hoffman – No. 2 LS (Uncommitted)

    Team Highlight Roster

    Note: Players listed in alphabetical order using first name.

    A.J. Brown
    Aaron Hansfor
    Andrew Anthony
    B.J. Emmons
    Baveon Johnson
    Ben Bredeson
    Ben Davis
    Benito Jones
    Brandon Burton
    Brandon Jones
    Carlos Becker
    Cavin Ridley
    Chris Owens
    Cohl Cabral
    Deonte Brown
    Devin Bush Jr.
    Devin Duvernay
    Devwah Whaley
    Dionte Mullins
    Dominic Maggio
    Dontavious Jackson
    Dredrick Snelson
    Dwayne Haskins
    Eric Cuffee
    Gregory Little
    Jack Allison
    Jauan Williams
    Jeffrey McCulloch
    John Broussard
    Keith Gavin
    Kendell Jones
    Keyshon Camp
    Lamar Jackson
    Landon Rice
    Levonta Taylor
    Liam Eichenberg
    Lokeni Toailoa
    Lyndell Wilson
    Malik Henry
    Marlon Davidson
    McTelvin Agim
    Michel Eletise
    N’keal Harry
    Nasier Upshur
    Nigel Knott
    Oluwole Betiku
    Patrick Bethel
    Rashan Gary
    Rashard Lawrence
    Richard Marritt
    Ricky Aguayo
    Turner Bernard

    Team Armour Roster

    Antonneous Clayton
    Austin Myers
    Ben Hoffman
    Boe Wilson
    Braden Mann
    Brett Heggie
    Chauncey Gardner
    Deontay Anderson
    Drake Davis
    E.J. Price
    Ed Oliver
    Edwin Alexander
    Eli STove
    Ellison Jordan
    Eric Monroe
    Jacob Mathis
    Jarrett Guarantano
    Jayvaughn Myers
    Jean Delance
    Joshua Hammond
    Kaden Smith
    Kareem Walker
    Keandre Jones
    Keion Joyner
    Kristian Fulton
    Kyle Davis
    Landon Dickerson
    Logan Tyler
    Marquill Osborne
    Matt Fink
    Michael Divinity
    Michail Carter
    Michal Menet
    Miles Sanders
    Nate Craig-Myers
    Nick Bosa
    Patrick Hudson
    Rahshaun Smith
    Rahssan Thornton
    Saivion Smith
    Sam Bruce
    Scooter Harrington
    Shane Simmons
    Shavar Manuel
    Shyheim Carter
    Terrance Davis
    Terrell Hall
    Tino Ellis
    Tre Lamar
    Tre Threat
    Tyrie Cleveland
    Willie Allen
    Woody Barrett

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