2015 NFL Draft: Top Louisville Prospects

    Top Louisville Prospects In The 2015 NFL Draft WR DeVante Parker 6-3, 209 - He has the right body and the right size, and he runs really, really well with

    April 10, 2015

    Top Louisville Prospects In The 2015 NFL Draft

    WR DeVante Parker 6-3, 209

    – He has the right body and the right size, and he runs really, really well with a terrific 4.45 for a player of his size. A big, strong target, he knows how to use his body well and he knows how to get after the ball when he gets his chances. Able to be a go-to guy, he took on every challenge after overcoming a foot problem that kept him out of the first half of last season.

    – Here’s the problem. He’s not quite as Anquan Bolden physical as he needs to be for his game, and he’s not lightning quick when it comes to the short-to-midrange routes. He’s a playmaker, but he might not be the full-on, do-it-all No. 1 guy that some of the other top targets in this class will be.

    Yes or No: There’s a chance that he’s going to be even better as a rookie after giving his foot a full year to heal. There’s not a ton of risk here, but compared to the other prospects there are things to be slightly concerned about. Even so, he’ll be a leading receiver.
    Round Value: First Round

    OLB Lorenzo Mauldin 6-4, 259

    – Is he inside or out? Everything is there except for a set position – and fluidity. He’s not really an inside linebacker, and he’s not really an NFL pass rusher. His 4.85 40 is painful, and he’s not quite quick enough, but he knows how to get into a backfield. He’s a better football player than a workout warrior.

    – Every coach is going to love him because he’ll bring the effort every practice and every play. He’ll make up for several shortcomings on sheer want-to and drive.

    Yes or No: He’s a tough call mainly because of his lack of raw tools. He’s a good football player who might be better and tougher than the basic numbers, but there are limits on what he can become – he’s just not quick enough.
    Round Value: Fourth Round

    OG John Miller 6-2, 303

    – He might not be tall enough and he might carry his weight in a weird way, but he’s a bulldozer who can move well enough to shine in pass protection. There’s a chance he grows into an even tougher and more impressive run blocker – he can hit.

    – While he can scoot, he’s not smooth in any way and he can’t move all that well. Functionally strong, he benches well and he’s great for power running games, but he’s not for everyone.

    Yes or No?: You know what you’re getting. He’s a run blocker who’ll likely work on the right side and provide some pop and toughness.
    Round Value: Fourth Round

    SS James Sample 6-2, 209

    – While he played second fiddle to Gerod Holliman last year, he was a fantastic playmaker on his own, especially against the run. A great hitter, he doesn’t miss stops in the open field and he can be an intimidating factor when he gets a head of steam.

    – He has great instincts, but he’s not experienced enough to rely on right away, especially against the pass. He’s a run stopper for now, and that’s about it. He’ll be good at it, but don’t expect him to make many big plays when the ball is in the air.

    Yes or No?: He’ll be worth the wait. It might take a year or three to get there, but with his toughness and pop, a coaching staff is going to love what he brings against the better ground games.
    Round Value: Fourth Round

    FS Gerod Holliman 6-0, 211

    – Amazing when he’s around the ball making 14 interceptions last season, he knows how to attack the ball and he knows how to come up with big plays. He answered the call almost every time he was tested, taking his game to another level when he got his chances.

    – While he made lots of tackles, he’s not a hitter. Not a strong safety, he’s a centerfielder who’s a true free safety. Don’t expect him to do much against the run – he could be all about trying to make the big play when the ball is in the air.

    Yes or No?: Yeah, as long as you know what you’re getting. He’s a finesse safety who’ll be great on third downs, but don’t expect anything big against the power running teams.
    Round Value: Fourth Round

    CB Charles Gaines 5-10, 180

    – Fast, fast, fast, his 4.44 helped show just how high his upside might be. While he’s raw, he produced last year with 31 tackles and two picks, growing into the role of a potential shutdown corner. Now he needs time to refine his technique and grow into the job.

    – Not big enough, he doesn’t have the right frame or the right body type to hold up as a physical tackler. While he’ll make a stop in the open field, he’ll never get to the ball through traffic of any sort – he can be erased by a strong receiver.

    Yes or No?: Potentially. He’s going to need time and he’s going to need a lot of work to grow into a starting corner, but there’s no substitute for speed. Some coaching staff is going to see a guy who might be molded into something special.
    Round Value: Fifth Round

    RB Dominique Brown 6-2, 234

    – While he’s not a speed back considering his power and bulk, he’s a mid-4.6 runner and doesn’t have the weightroom strength to go along with his pop – when he provides it. He doesn’t always play up to his size and might not be a true NFL thumper.

    – The good: he isn’t worn down. The bad: it’s because he didn’t get a whole bunch of work over the second half of last year. He’s not quick and there’s nothing special about his style, but he has the body.

    Yes or No?: Worth a flier in camp, but he’ll have to impress immediately or he’ll be a quick and easy cut.
    Round Value: Fifth Round

    RB Michael Dyer 5-8, 218

    – Problems in a variety of ways kept him from ever turning into the back he was supposed to be after helping to lead Auburn to a national title, but when he was on, he was terrific with plenty of production and good power when he had to crank up the intensity.

    – Without a lot of work over the years, there’s plenty of tread left on the tires. He has looked the part in workouts with quickness, strength and athleticism. The payoff could be tremendous.

    Yes or No?: There’s no need to draft him, and he has to work on being a receiver, but he could shock and surprise if given a serious chance. Think Bryce Brown without the fumbling.
    Round Value: Free Agent


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