2015 Mountain West, West Schedule Analysis

    Fresno State Sept. 5 Abilene ChristianSept. 12 at Ole Miss Sept. 19 UtahSept. 26 at San Jose StateOct. 3 at San Diego StateOct. 10 Utah StateOct. 17

    March 3, 2015

    Fresno State 
    Sept. 5 Abilene Christian
    Sept. 12 at Ole Miss 
    Sept. 19 Utah
    Sept. 26 at San Jose State
    Oct. 3 at San Diego State
    Oct. 10 Utah State
    Oct. 17 UNLV
    Oct. 24 at Air Force
    Oct. 31 OPEN DATE
    Nov. 7 Nevada
    Nov. 14 at Hawaii
    Nov. 21 at BYU
    Nov. 28 Colorado State

    Non-Conference Games Abilene Christian, at BYU, at Ole Miss, Utah 
    Games vs. the Mountain at Air Force, Colorado State, Utah State 
    5 Keys to the Schedule 
    – The Bulldogs need the opener against Abilene Christian is a must with three of the next four games on the road starting out with a date at Ole Miss. 
    – There’s no Boise State from the Mountain, but Air Force, Colorado State and Utah State makes for a nasty interdivisional slate. 
    – Not only does Fresno State get a run of three road games in four weeks in the first half of the season, but it gets a second three road game in four week run in the second half. 
    – The big West showdown against San Diego State is on the road, but Nevada is at home before going off to Hawaii. 
    – WATCH OUT FOR … the regular season finale against Colorado State. Not only does Fresno State have to go on the road to Hawaii and BYU in back-to-back weeks, but it has to gear it back up for the Rams in the regular season finale. It’ll almost certainly matter in the West race. 

    Sept. 3 Colorado 
    Sept. 12 at Ohio State
    Sept. 19 UC Davis
    Sept. 26 at Wisconsin
    Oct. 3 at Boise State
    Oct. 10 San Diego State
    Oct. 17 at New Mexico
    Oct. 24 at Nevada
    Oct. 31 Air Force
    Nov. 7 at UNLV
    Nov. 14 Fresno State
    Nov. 21 San Jose State
    Nov. 28 ULM

    Non-Conference Games Colorado, at Ohio State, UC Davis, at Wisconsin 
    Games vs. the Mountain Air Force, at Boise State, at New Mexico 
    5 Keys to the Schedule 
    – There isn’t a week off in the 13-game schedule. It’s a long, long season without a break and a ton of travel. 
    – The Rainbow Warriors will log on plenty of miles early on with five road trips before Halloween. After starting out the year against Colorado, it’s going to be rough with Ohio State, Wisconsin and Boise State on the road in a four week run. 
    – The payoff is a break late – everyone wants to be in Honolulu in November. Hawaii gets the last three games and four of the last five games at home. 
    – Going to Boise State is brutal, but getting Air Force at home should be interesting and going to New Mexico isn’t too bad in interdivisional play. 
    – WATCH OUT FOR … the road game at UNLV. On November 7th, it’s the final road game of the year, and by this point the team might be gassed. It’s a winnable game, but only if the team is in decent shape. 

    Sept. 3 UC Davis
    Sept. 12 Arizona 
    Sept. 19 at Texas A&M
    Sept. 26 at Buffalo
    Oct. 3 UNLV
    Oct. 10 New Mexico
    Oct. 17 at Wyoming
    Oct. 24 Hawaii
    Oct. 31 OPEN DATE
    Nov. 7 at Fresno State
    Nov. 14 San Jose State
    Nov. 21 at Utah State
    Nov. 28 at San Diego State

    Non-Conference Games Arizona, at Buffalo, UC Davis, at Texas A&M
    Games vs. the Mountain New Mexico, at Utah State, at Wyoming
    5 Keys to the Schedule 
    – While going to Texas A&M will be a fight, getting Arizona in Reno is a good break in non-conference play. Going to Buffalo is strange, but doable. 
    – With three of the final four games at home – all in November – the Wolf Pack desperately needs the week off on Halloween. 
    – Making matters worse, those games are against three of the best teams in the West – Fresno State, San Diego State and Utah State – all at the end of the year. 
    – While going to Utah State is difficult, having to play New Mexico and Wyoming from the Mountain is a nice break. Missing Boise State and Colorado State is a good thing. 
    – WATCH OUT FOR … San Jose State. It’s Senior Day and the team should be fired up, but it’s the lone oasis in the brutal November of road games. The Wolf Pack have to get through it without much of a fight. 

    San Diego State 
    Sept. 5 OPEN DATE
    Sept. 12 at California
    Sept. 19 South Alabama
    Sept. 26 at Penn State
    Oct. 3 Fresno State
    Oct. 10 at Hawaii
    Oct. 17 at San Jose State
    Oct. 24 Utah State
    Oct. 31 at Colorado State
    Nov. 7 OPEN DATE
    Nov. 14 Wyoming
    Nov. 21 at UNLV
    Nov. 28 Nevada 

    Non-Conference Games at California, at Penn State, South Alabama
    Games vs. the Mountain at Colorado State, Utah State, Wyoming 
    5 Keys to the Schedule 
    – Going to California and Penn State will be interesting non-conference tests for a team looking to be good enough to win at least one of them. Hosting South Alabama will help at home in between the two Power 5ers. 
    – It’ll be tough to get comfortable without getting two home games in a road at home. Everything is broken up by road dates. 
    – There’s a rough stretch of three road games in a four week mid-season stretch, hurt mostly by going to Hawaii to kick off the run – there’s a lot of plane time to log in. 
    – There’s no Boise State, but going to Colorado State and playing Utah State from the Mountain will be tough. 
    – WATCH OUT FOR … Fresno State. It might turn out to be the game for the West title – the other biggie against Nevada is at home at the end of the regular season – but it’s sandwiched in between Penn State and Hawaii on the road. 

    San Jose State 
    Sept. 3 New Hampshire
    Sept. 12 at Air Force
    Sept. 19 at Oregon State
    Sept. 26 Fresno State
    Oct. 3 at Auburn
    Oct. 10 at UNLV
    Oct. 17 San Diego State
    Oct. 24 New Mexico
    Oct. 31 OPEN DATE
    Nov. 7 BYU
    Nov. 14 at Nevada
    Nov. 21 at Hawaii
    Nov. 28 Boise State

    Non-Conference Games at Auburn, BYU, New Hampshire, at Oregon State 
    Games vs. the Mountain at Air Force, at Nevada, New Mexico 
    5 Keys to the Schedule 
    – The Spartans had better take advantage of the New Hampshire opener, because then it’s time to get on the road with four road games in the next five. In the middle of it all is a home game against Fresno State. 
    – It’s going to be a rough final three weeks going to Nevada, making the long trip to Hawaii, and finishing up against Boise State. 
    – There’s a big break in the middle of the season with three straight home games and a week off, meaning SJSU doesn’t leave home from October 17th to November 14th. 
    – Going to Air Force and Nevada will be rough interdivisional road games, but the Spartans have a shot at New Mexico at home. 
    – WATCH OUT FOR … BYU. It’s going to be a dangerous game no matter what, but considering how the final three games look, the Spartans have to try to sneak away with a win. 

    Sept. 5 at Northern Illinois
    Sept. 12 UCLA
    Sept. 19 at Michigan
    Sept. 26 Idaho State
    Oct. 3 at Nevada
    Oct. 10 San Jose State
    Oct. 17 at Fresno State
    Oct. 24 OPEN DATE
    Oct. 31 Boise State
    Nov. 7 Hawaii
    Nov. 14 at Colorado State 
    Nov. 21 San Diego State
    Nov. 28 at Wyoming

    Non-Conference Games Idaho State, at Michigan, at Northern Illinois, UCLA
    Games vs. the Mountain Boise State, at Colorado State, at Nevada 
    5 Keys to the Schedule 
    – The Rebels aren’t getting any sort of a break in interdivisional play having to play Boise State along with road games against Colorado State and Nevada. 
    – It’s not a bad overall schedule considering there isn’t a horrible run of away games. The Rebels don’t get two road games in a row and don’t have any bad stretches. 
    – Starting the season out at Northern Illinois, hosting UCLA, and going to Michigan will mean the Idaho State game will be a very, very welcome break at the end of September. 
    – Two of the West stars – Boise State and San Diego State – have to come to Vegas. There’s a nice run of three home games in four before closing out at Wyoming. 
    – WATCH OUT FOR … San Jose State. The Rebels might desperately need this win as a sandwich between road games at Nevada and Fresno State, and with a home game against Boise State to follow. 


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