120 NFL Mock Draft: Picks No. 25 to No. 28

    120 NFL Mock Draft: Picks No. 25 to No. 28

    April 27, 2015

    120 Sports 2015 NFL Rough Draft
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    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    21. Cincinnati

    Needs: Defensive Tackle, Linebacker, Offensive Tackle
    The Pick Should Be … OT T.J. Clemmings, Pitt
    The Pick Will Be … SS Landon Collins, Alabama

    It would be a huge plus to find a big giant body to stick in the middle of the defensive front, but the Bengals also have to get better and younger on the offensive line. Clemmings might be a bit of a work in progress, but he’s well worth it – he’ll get the time to develop. However, the pick will be Collins, even though safety isn’t much of a need area. Call it a value selection.

    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    22. Pittsburgh

    Needs: Cornerback, Safety, Running Back
    The Pick Should Be … OLB/S Shaq Thompson, Washington
    The Pick Will Be … CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest

    Thompson is just so, so perfect as the hair – heir – apparent for Troy Polamalu. He might not be the safety Polamalu was, and he’s too much of a hybrid, but he’s the type of pure football player who goes to Pittsburgh and becomes a dominant star. In need of a corner, though, Johnson might be a steal here.

    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    23. Detroit

    Needs: Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Running Back
    The Pick Should Be … CB P.J. Williams, Florida State
    The Pick Will Be … DT Eddie Goldman, Florida State

    Haloti Ngata is too old to be a proper replacement for Ndamukong Suh, but he’s a good start. A versatile option like Eddie Goldman will likely be the call but the secondary has to come up with more options. Williams’ stock is sliding, but he has the rare skills to be special.

    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    24. Arizona

    Needs: Quarterback, Linebacker, Defensive Tackle
    The Pick Should Be … QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon
    The Pick Will Be … LB Eli Harold, Virginia

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mariota won’t be on the board, but this is a perfect world draft and that means he falls to where his value really should be considering he’s a project. Even so, that’s a dream pick to develop for a year or two until he figures out how to huddle. Since he’ll be long gone in the real world, the Cardinals will go for a top linebacker, especially if he’s a pass rusher.


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