120 NFL Mock Draft: Picks No. 1 to No. 4

    120 NFL Mock Draft: The first four picks

    April 27, 2015

    120 Sports 2015 NFL Rough Draft
    No. 1 to No. 4 | No. 5 to No. 8 | No. 9 to No. 12 | No. 13 to No. 16
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    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    1. Tampa Bay

    Needs: Quarterback, Offensive Linemen, Defensive End
    The Pick Should Be … DE/DT Leonard Williams, USC
    The Pick Will Be … QB Jameis Winston, Florida State

    Lovie Smith got to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman at quarterback. Take Leonard Williams, put him next to Gerald McCoy, destroy, destroy, destroy. Jameis? In Tampa Bay? Emboldened by being the first overall pick and with every controversy sliding off of him? What could go wrong?

    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    2. Tennessee

    Needs: Cornerback, Safety, Offensive Tackle
    The Pick Should Be … DE Dante Fowler, Florida
    The Pick Will Be … QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon

    It’s going to be Mariota just because the franchise will feel like it has to do something to jumpstart things. Meanwhile, a slew of future Pro Bowl talents will be blown off to chase after something that just isn’t there. Fowler might not be quite the pass rushing terror others are at the top of the draft, but he might be the most complete end.

    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    3. Jacksonville

    Needs: Running Back, Cornerback, Offensive Tackle
    The Pick Should Be … CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State
    The Pick Will Be … DE Dante Fowler, Florida

    The draft will really begin with this pick after Tampa Bay and Tennessee go all silly for overrated quarterbacks. Fowler would be a good addition, and trading down to get an offensive tackle will be a thought, but even if this is a little bit too high, Waynes is by far the best corner in the draft and would start right away.

    @PeteFiutak’s Perfect Draft Pick

    4. Oakland

    Needs: Wide Receiver, Running Back, Cornerback
    The Pick Should Be … WR Amari Cooper, Alabama
    The Pick Will Be … WR Amari Cooper, Alabama

    It’s Oakland, and you know what it’s going to do. Kevin White is a possibility, and defensive end is an area of pure desperation, but Cooper will be an instant top target in an offense that needs a superstar to rally the passing game around.


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